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Lower Eyelift

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Lower Eyelid Plastic Surgery by Dr. Prasad in New York

Blepharoplasty (eyelift surgery) of the lower eyelids is performed to address puffy bags under the eyes, loose skin and sagging tissue supporting the lower eyelids. Very often people seek lower eyelid plastic surgery because their lower lids look droopy and tired due to one or several of these problems.

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Lower Eyelift Surgery New York Before and After Causes of Tired-Looking Lower Eyelids

  • Bags – Bags under the eyes are often misinterpreted as bags from fatigue or allergy. The bags that are seen under the eyes, that remain despite sleep and appropriate allergy treatment, are due to fat prolapse. The eye sits in a space called the orbit. The fat that prolapses is referred to as orbital fat. To improve the appearance of the bags under the eyes, the fat may be removed, sculpted and reduced through one of two approaches. The two most common approaches are external (transcutaneous) and internal (transconjunctival). Traditionally, bags have been approached by a majority of practitioners through an external incision. Depending on a person’s age and ethnicity, the preferred method that Dr. Prasad uses is the internal approach, also known as transconjunctival blepharoplasty. Through the internal approach, there are no outside scars, and the shape of the eye is typically more well-preserved. In the transcutaneous approach, an incision is made directly below the eyelashes to access the fat by lifting up the skin and going through the orbicularis oculi muscle to get to the fat pads.

  • Loose Skin – Many people are concerned that after the bags are removed from under the eyes, there will be loose skin. Depending on the support of the lower eyelids, loose skin can be removed at the same time. This can be done when the fat pockets are removed with transconjunctival lower eyelid plastic surgery. Loose skin can also be removed when the approach to the lower eyelids is from the outside completely.

  • Eyelid Support - One of the most common reasons people are referred to Dr. Prasad has to do with unrecognized problems with lower eyelid support. Properly supporting the lower eyelids requires several different specialized techniques. In addition, the support structures of the eyelid can be shaped in a way that can create a brighter appearance to the eyes.

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