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Sculptra® is not actually a filler, but rather a catalyst that causes the growth of your own tissue (collagen). Because of this, the amount of collagen production and longevity of results will vary from one patient to another. The results from Sculptra® can last up to two years.

The benefits of Sculptra® include an increase in face volume and thickness of the skin, which can produce a healthier, youthful appearance. This is why the term “liquid facelift” has been used to describe the relatively dramatic results of Sculptra®. The polylactic acid in Sculptra® is inert, biologically, so the risk of allergic reactions is eliminated.

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You asked:


Former Sun Worshipper. Looking Old Way Before my Time. I Used to Be Pretty. I Am Tired of Looking TIRED and ANGRY?


My friends and family tell me that I don’t look my age. They are just being kind. In less than a year I have had a hystrectomy and an excisional breast biopsy. I look ten years older than I did just a year ago. Depressed to the point that I have contemplated the unthinkable. Time for a facelift? I am only 44. Please be kind.




Thank you for your question!


I really understand your frustration. My practice, I specialize in facial aging and I actually wrote a book, “The Fine Art of Looking Younger.” And certainly, you are a very company with other women who had a hysterectomy and feel like their facial volume, they just look older. Yes, a lot of people would feel that it has accelerated their aging process and their desperate to understand which way to go. Unfortunately, they’ll get conflicting ideas and information. Some will say that the dermatologist recommended that they get injectables and the plastic surgeon says they get a lift.


So what I explain in my book, “The Fine Art of Looking Younger,” is the basic, simple principle of facial aging is two processes. One is descent or sagging and the other is volume loss. So you’ll lose bone, muscle and fat. You mentioned in your question that you look tired and angry. And with the many photos you submitted, you notice when you smile, the cheek area looks so full and you look younger. Your jawline looks more defined and everything looks good. So without prescribing or recommending that you smile all day, but it gives you an idea of the shifting that happens when you move things upward and when the cheek volume goes from low to high and how much impact it has on your face.


I think most likely, you would benefit from the modern combination of volume loss options including fillers such as Restylane. For the dermal lines, radiesse. Sculptra for the deeper volume loss as well as botox and dysport for the frown lines and other areas where the dynamic activities of the muscles are causing these lines to occur. Now if at rest, if you lift your skin, your jawline looks better and your neck looks better, then you may be a candidate for some type of lifting procedure, some type of face lifting procedure. You need to clear your mind that one set of procedures does not displace or replace the other set. The art of helping people look young and look the way they do in the outside, the way they feel on the inside is balancing surgical, non-surgical or minimally invasive procedures in a way that retains the character of your face and allows people to interpret you the right way. So you don’t look tired and you don’t angry.


Other options that we offer that I have used successfully include fat transfer. People use the term stem cells a lot these days and in my opinion, I think a lot of this field’s future lies in stem cells and hormone replacement. But that’s a different type of discussion. The point is that we have technology and you are at this stage of your life, you will probably respond very well because the tissue and the material is still stronger to handle this type of treatment. So fat transfer such as moving fat from one area and placing it into the cheeks, these are all options.


So what I tell my patients is that I’m not only a technically capable surgeon but I’m their beauty doctor. And I try to guide them through the waters of all their options. You know if you watch television or you read magazines, there’s so much hype that easy to get confused. Even when you ask a question, you’re going to get a lot of different answers. So a lot of my patients feel like I’m their primary care doctor for beauty. So I think that’s what you kind of need at this point is you need someone who I feel has all the capabilities to do the non-surgical, the minimally invasive and the advanced surgical procedures so that there’s no intrinsic bias and prejudice and agenda which unfortunately, physicians are more and more guilty of advocating using the phrase “to the man with the hammer, the world is a great big nail.” Non-surgical physicians only advocate non-surgical treatments so you have to be careful these days because of the popularity of aesthetic procedures.


So find a doctor that you resonate and connect with who understand you, provides you with the time you need and helps guide you. You don’t necessarily have to do everything at once. But prioritize and maybe little steps will accumulate over time at a schedule that you get the result that makes you happy. So  I hope that was helpful, I wish you the best of luck and thank you for your question.


PRASAD Cosmetic Surgery will discuss with you the various injectible options best suited for you along with the benefits of each procedure.

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