Laser Hair Removal

LASER HAIR REMOVAL in Garden City & New York City

You have to be a smooth operator to make it in NYC, where running with the bulls (and bears) of Wall Street and navigating the cutting-edge fashion of 5th Avenue require a certain slickness; and minus the unsavory stubble, you are. With today’s deal from Prasad Cosmetic Surgery, ditch the unwanted fuzz at Prasad Medical Spa. The friendly professionals will wield state-of-the-art technology to rid your skin of the peach fuzz. You can also improve your complexion with airbrush body bronzing (Only $60). Become the proverbial lion in this concrete jungle — minus an unappealing, furry mane.


Unwanted facial and body hair is a common problem that can be a source of distress for both men and women. PRASAD Cosmetic Surgery’s Dr. Amiya Prasad, an Oculoplastic surgeon and hair specialist, will review with you the in-office laser and light-based hair removal options that will remove excessive or unwanted hair.


  • Excessive hair growth is classified as either hypertrichosis or hirsuitism.
    • Hypertrichosis is the excessive growth of body hair in a normal or abnormal pattern. It may be genetic or due to medications, hormones, malnutrition, tumors or metabolic problems.
    • Hirsuitism is excessive growth of hair in women, but in a male pattern — such as the beard, mustache or lower abdomen and may be due to hormonal problems, medications, tumors or heredity.
  • Many treatment options for managing unwanted hair have been available over the years, such as shaving and waxing, but these methods are temporary and offer varying degrees of success.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Amiya Prasad and have these worries addressed and taken care of by PRASAD Cosmetic Surgery where your satisfaction is our goal.

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