After a hair transplant, does hair grow back in stages?
Hair growth can take in the range of 1 year to
18 months to occur.
We’ve actually had some interesting observations when we’ve modified our Hair Regeneration
treatment to enhance the results of hair transplants.
When we use modified Hair Regeneration at the time of the transplant, we find that the
healing process appears to accelerate.
There is less redness at the sites of the grafts and the donor area healing is quite
We’ve also had the unique opportunity to see patients come from around the world after
they had their hair transplants performed elsewhere.
Interestingly, they find us as they search for ways to improve their hair transplant
We’ve seen a significant acceleration in hair growth from the hair grafts when people
came to us within about 1-2 months since their transplant and in addition our treatment reverses
hair thinning which means the hair grafts look even better amidst thickened native hair.
I’ve even observed that the quantity and quality of hair thickening with Hair Regeneration
actually exceeded the coverage they got with the transplant.
of course if they were transplanted into bald scalp, the Hair Regeneration treatment improved
the volume behind the transplanted hair in the bald scalp making the results look more