Can baldness be cured?
A cure for baldness has been yet to be
achieved due to the genetic nature of male pattern hair loss. Just as your eye color,
height and skin color for example are genetically determined so is the unfortunate onset and
progression of male pattern baldness. Up to recently, treatments were limited to drugs
which were either ineffective or associated with long term sexual side effects in a small
but significant enough percentage of men. Hair transplant surgery has 2 significant
limitations: Number 1: Hair thinning continues which means that a natural look is hard to
maintain which ultimately results in a “pluggy” look. Number 2: The donor area is limited
and is not adequate to generate enough hairs to restore the balding areas to the way they
looked before. So, is there an alternative treatment? For male pattern hair loss, we’ve
developed a treatment called Hair Regeneration. With hair regeneration, we’ve developed
a formulation and method using a material called extracellular matrix originally developed
for wound healing to stop the progression of hair loss and reverse hair thinning for
existing viable hairs. The results have been significant for male pattern hair loss and
generally exceeds the results of hair transplant without surgery.