Can hair grafts fall out after hair transplants?
Proper medical management of medical problems,
blood pressure and blood thinners is critical to the success of a hair transplant. Hair
grafts are greatest risk for falling out within the first 48 hours due to dislodging or bleeding.
I’ve seen patients who underwent megasession hair transplants lose more than 90% of their
grafts due to these factors I mentioned earlier. Once the hair graft is stable for about a
week to 10 days, the graft is unlikely to dislodge. A related question would be “how
many of the grafts actually grow?”. This question is more relevant than ever due to
the popularity of FUE transplants. FUE transplants have a much lower yield when compared to FUT
transplants. We’ve helped people who’ve had FUE transplants performed elsewhere optimize
their healing by coming in for Hair Regeneration treatment injection within the first month
to 2 months after their surgery and have been very pleased with the benefits they see.