Dr. Prasad has been practicing his surgical artistry for over 15 years and has received many accolades from far and wide for his living art Dr. Prasad is a visual artist that has been passionate about the arts for all of his life and has integrated this interest into his medical career in a very unique and very productive winners his innovative approach his compassionate manner and his gift of artistically restoring youth to patients all over the world is the reason that the Long Island arts council if report is proud to honor Dr. Amiya Prasad with his years army award.

Dr. Prasad: Lane artistry is such an important aspect when it comes to choosing a cosmetic surgeon I could tell you that having been an artist and being honored as an artist that it’s a real gift that either you have or you don’t and it certainly sounds self-serving, but I have trained and taught hundreds and hundreds of doctors, and I can say from experience that judgment and perception of beauty and balance is something that is intrinsic it’s not something that is in a protocol medicine tends to attract a lot of people who have called square personalities, where they’re all about order and discipline and steps but artistry is about a sense of balance and dimension, and so when I look at many of my journals we’re colleagues right about procedures have done, and they show off about and I look at them when i see well something is really off about the way people are seeing their patients and if you really want to get a sense of this you can go to the upper east side of Manhattan or to some of the more fluid areas along Island and see a lot of the quote bad plastic surgery.

So when it comes to choosing a doctor you need to just get a sense of how artistic are they and if you look at their work and probably the best way to judge in my opinion is does the do the head of patients do this it does everyone look natural and if you look natural then you’re really as an artist you’re retaining the character and the character of the face is so important to retain and as strange as it may sound that looking natural and looking like you didn’t have something done require skill it actually takes a lot of skill and a lot of judgment it’s not how much you’re doing but it’s also how much you don’t do or how you do the techniques. You need to restore the character of a person’s face then has been affected by aging changes so for example when lower eyelids are sagging you don’t want to pull them up super tight you don’t want to take away too much skin you want to create beautiful almond-shaped eyes if this person had almond-shaped before and even if they want to slightly enhanced that is artistic judgment so artistry is very important and I’m hoping that this is a useful guide for you to make your decision.