When I say commitment I mean commitment to taking care of you in the best way possible now that can mean a lot of things to a lot of people but I could tell you what it means to me when I was in training when I watch many of my extremely well respected colleagues taking care of their patients I saw a lot of things that I just didn’t like I didn’t like the way that cosmetic surgery patients were being treated like sick patients in a hospital and there’s a lot of depersonalization where you are very vulnerable and very exposed more than that the individual attention to one person is diluted whether you’re in a surgery center or a major hospital it’ll be like one staff person like a nurse who’s taking care of multiple patients.

I always thought this is one of the most important days in this person’s life and if it were me i would want all the attention on me so in my practice we have gone out of our way to make sure that the personal level of care is exceptional and that every person feels relaxed and feels good about being here and the passion and caring and commitment of my staff to making this an excellent experience can be has been continuously reviewed as very positively by our patients

In addition I’m very committed to ensuring a quick recovery and now what that means is doing procedures in a way so that you have as little time as necessary getting anesthesia and when you talk about anesthesia I basically do all my procedures under local anesthesia with a little bit of intravenous sedation liquid valium that goes in the IV or intravenous so you feel very comfortable and relaxed but more importantly you’re able to recover very quickly you can go back to your normal life sooner rather than later unfortunately a lot of people have general anesthesia where there’s a tube and the they have to go on a respirator they need some extra time to recover and that’s something I’d essentially eliminated not just from eyelid surgery but from facelift surgery and the other procedures that we do in our practice.

I feel a personal commitment to my patients and that commitment extends beyond the one surgery that I may do for them whether it’s removing bags from under the eyes or helping them with hooding over the eyes I’m committed to helping them look their best whether it’s surgical or non-surgical and to that I what I’ve done is I’ve developed this spa and then that’s where we’re speaking from right now we’re non-invasive skin care is provided at a very high level comparable to my surgical care we have a skincare line again with the commitment for helping you look your best regardless of the stage that you’re at whether you need surgery or you don’t do surgery but we are committed to helping you look your best so that passion and the commitment in caring for you and being your doctor through and through and not just being a technician who does a procedure I think that’s a high value and is something you should look for when you’re choosing a surgeon.