So does experience matter when it comes to eyelid surgery well having performed either surgery for over 20 years. I could tell you it absolutely does no young surgeon wants to hear that and certainly surgeons have no shortage of ego being exposed to something having a few doing a few cases is one thing but I’m speaking to you from my operating room which I built after so many years of experience and I can tell you that there are in many fields including the music field or being a musician where you reach different levels of ability and dimension of feel when it comes to surgery and Malcolm Gladwell for example talks about the magic 10,000 hours that it took bands like The Beatles before they became exceptional and I have to admit that now that I’ve been doing this for this long.

That it is it is really true experience management experience in the area that you’re working in not just letting time pass by so at this stage of my career. I have done so much eyelid surgery and have dealt with so many issues and have a have a level and depth of knowledge and understanding that frankly they’re times I don’t even know why I know something but I know I know it and I know exactly what to do an example that I like to use is the pilot who landed that plane once it took off F. Kennedy airport and got some birds into his engine and had to be at the land in the Hudson River thanks to his years of experience as a pilot he knew exactly what to do he did in a calm way and he did what needed to be done so in so many ways performing surgery is like flying a plane or being a musician and having the experience and doing something in many ways over and over you develop a depth of confidence and knowledge and ability such that whatever you’re doing you’ve done it before and you’ve done it well and you’ve succeeded doing any surgery and in particular eyelid surgery experience is critically important so how many years have you been doing this and how many cases a week do you do what are the quality of your results can I see examples of your results and your results not just some generic format you.