When it comes to expertise I have a very straightforward philosophy I believe in super specialization providing the best care possible and having the expertise to be able to do that now what does that mean in my background. I first trained in I surgery after that I trained in plastic surgery of the eyelids and the face so that field is called oculofacial plastic surgery. Many people are not aware of this and they look for a general plastic surgeon for eyelid surgery and although general plastic surgeons to get exposure for with eyelid surgery many don’t get even close to that level of experience when it comes to understanding a lot of the complexities of either surgery the reality is that when it comes to problems or anything that would happen that is unexpected all doctors in every specialty that does surgery of the eyelids will always look for an oculoplastic or oculofacial plastic surgeon to assist them to help them with their problems.

So in my opinion being a super specialist is the type of doctor that other doctors would go to and certainly my practice and doing eyelid surgery for 20 years. I’ve definitely seen that we have had many people who are physicians physician spouses physicians relatives when they do their research and they look for the best doctor for an eyelid procedure they look specifically for the most X the highest level of expertise. In addition to that I actually focus my practice on cosmetic eyelid surgery and although there are many complicated procedures related to reconstructive eyelid surgery a lot of them get incorporated into my expertise and my experience with cosmetic eyelid surgery. So there is if there are many ways to look at this and one way that I like to explain to people is that many plastic surgeons can do good eyelid surgery but very few can do exceptional eyelid surgery.