The Decision

I’m Rose Scalia, I’m 63 years old, I’ll be 64 in April. I’ve worked in the real estate industry most of my life in human resources. I’m also an adjunct professor in New York University. And I did some research prior to coming to Dr. Prasad. I looked into those past facelifts.

The facelifts that I’ve found, a lot of pressure when they needed to make the sale. You never really get to meet your surgeon who is basically assigned to you on your surgery day and I knew then I’ve wanted to meet my surgeon. I wanted to know who was doing my face. Your face is your cover and that’s very important to me. So, I did some research and I found Dr. Prasad and actually through my hair dresser, a friend of mine who had her eyes done. So networking was key to me. And knowing the best who can do the best and really listen to you.

I decided, well, I’m going to come to Dr. Prasad for the consultation. So I needed to tell you about part of it. I was welcomed to an office which I just aesthetically distinguished and pleasant. And I met with Nicole, the receptionist who made me feel quite welcomed which was very important in the welcoming process. And then I was preceded with Anya who would go over the details and what was needed and how we would proceed and meet with Dr. Prasad.

Dr. Prasad came in and my first impression is a smile. A smile is so welcoming and it makes you feel warm and greeted and caring. And so I knew then that that was the first thing that I liked about Dr. Prasad. He asked me what I would like to do. And I said, well, I precede myself as having this tired look. And I actually just want to get that tired look and make myself, again, match my inner energy that I had. So what I found what, which was very important to me, is that when you have a doctor that listens to you, takes time to listen to you which is extremely important for me.

Most importantly, he provides options: maybe you do need something else, maybe you don’t need something else. But those options are important and what he sees within your face. So, given the fact that he has just wonderful platter of credentials, board certified, the artistry in him. And I’ve even know that he studied art. He can precede with style and looking at the person’s face and really doing such a unique job or work or whatever it is that makes you unique and he looks at something in your face that perhaps can be enhanced.

You know when I had the wattle and so forth, it just made me feel that the traditional approach to surgery is wonderful and I’m not negating that. But the personalization that I had and I felt whatever treatment and what I received and the education from Dr. Prasad elevated us to the next level because of his artful insight. That impressed me the most and I decided to put myself in the hands of Dr. Prasad and his team.

The Experience

My fear was not of the surgery but it was fear of the anesthesia that they would use. I did not know what they would use. And when they explained to me that it was the anesthesia or the sedation really of a colonoscopy then I understood for those of you who may have had a colonoscopy. It’s a very light sedation. They give a few pills or medication to just make you feel calmer and it works. I was just very calm. I wanted to actually take a nap and they bring to the operating room and you lie down and you’re so comfortable. They give you the warmth and everything you need and they start to tell you the process. And by that time, you’re almost going to a nap and when the sedation was applied which was extremely light, I was pleasantly pleased. I believe the surgery took possibly about 2 hours and he takes his time with the prep, the surgery and the post.

The Results

Everybody expects and the expectations are: is there great pain? What do you feel? How do you feel? I need to be bluntly honest. I woke up, I was laughing with the wonderful nurses. Jeff and Gloria who take very good care of you, are very attentive and when I woke up, I even asked was it over. That’s how much I really didn’t feel a thing. When I did feel, was a just a soreness around the ears, a soreness not even pain. If you follow Dr. Prasad’s orders and what you need to do after the surgery, you will be absolutely fine. But I walked out, I was capable of walking out of my own but he had his staff walk me out which was so kind. And then, when I went back on a Sunday, which he took his time and out his family time to remove the bandage, I was pleasantly surprise. He always mentioned that there could be bruising. There was slight bruising. The stitches were so tiny that they were behind the ear that you can’t even see them. You need to follow the directions, keep them clean. And if you follow those directions, the outcome is quite amazing.

The Pageant

Well, it’s been one year since I underwent facial rejuvenation with you Dr. Prasad and your professional team who make feel so comfortable one year ago. And I was looking tired and that’s the reason why I chose to do facial rejuvenation because I didn’t want that tired outlook especially when I knew I was retiring and close to retirement. Just four months ago, at the age of 64, I retired and I call this my rejuvenation phase. A time to go out and accomplish opportunities you would never think or have time to think when you work.

So, on April 27 of this year, I entered the Miss New York Senior America Pageant. Well, I won Miss Congeniality. My platform was very important to me. My platform was “Make your age work for you”. And we need to be at the top of whatever we do and look best in all situations. I really need to say I want to thank you Dr. Prasad and your professional team and helping make my age work for me.