Ernie Anastos : Say “cheese” because people are willing to pay thousands dollars for that perfect smile and for some that means dimples.

Dr. Prasad: People like dimples.

It’s a unique group and there is a tremendous interest in it.

We’re surprised with the amount of people who want to have dimples.

Dr. Amiya Prasad’s phone has been ringing off the hook.

People are seeking his expertise in dimple plasty that is the creation of dimple.

Yes, dimples.

Dr. Prasad: They think of celebrities like Jennifer Garner or Mario Lopez and they like

those dimples.

And so people come from all over the country and sometimes outside of the country to have

dimples done.

Teresa Priolo: Dimpleplasty is nothing new.

It’s actually been at least around the last three decades.

The procedure is popular with both men and women but Dr. Prasad says they tend to be

in the younger age in their mid-twenties and thirties.

Dr. Prasad: a lot of times, people who have rounder faces will get this done so people

would think that they lost weight because they have a little more angularity with the


Teresa Priolo: That’s exactly the motivation behind Lisa Williams’s surgery.

She spent the last year considering it and now she’s ready to take the plunge.

Lisa: I just want something that will perk me up a little bit.

Make me a little bit cuter and have a memorable smile.

Teresa Priolo: To begin, Dr. Prasad finds where her natural would sit.

He measures from the corner of the eye down.

Dr. Prasad: and then we kind-of measure out.

It’s somewhere around 3 centimeters, a point where we anticipate close to where it will


There is kind-of a sweet spot where the skin will naturally give us permission to fold

a little bit and look natural.

Teresa Priolo Once he marks both sides of the face, Lisa gets an idea of what her new

smile will look like.

And then it’s off to the OR.

Dr. Prasad: We’re working from the inside of the mouth and we’re manipulating a particular

muscle and attaching a stitch to the skin from the inside.

So no one sees a scar.

Teresa Priolo: No scar, hardly and swelling or soreness and in about a half an hour’s

time, you have the dimples you didn’t have before.

Can you tell the difference between that come from mom and dad and dimples that come from


Dr. Prasad: well, at the point where the actual surgical dimples settle out and become natural,

then it’s really hard to tell.

Teresa Priolo: And isn’t that the point?

Teresa Priolo, Fox 5 News.