It is called the vampire facial also known as the blood facial Kim Kardashian made famous on her reality show but would you do it?0

Tonight a look at the extreme measures that some women are going to to get younger smoother looking skin

Do you think my skin looks better?




What is that you did a blood facial?

Wait look there’s more

Oh my god

Kim Kardashian did it and so can you the vampire facial also known as the blood facial the idea is to draw your own blood separate the protein rich plasma then re-inject it in the areas that need plumping making them look rejuvenated

That’s gross

Doesn’t look good we came we are

Originally from Romania what is very famous for being Dracula place so yeah, we don’t like it

Women are desperate we’ll do anything to look younger Dr. Amiya Prasad a cosmetic surgeon on the Upper East Side explains the procedure and says women in New York are lining up to get it

Dr. Prasad: It’s actually combining two medical procedures one is called micro needling now the vampire part the part where involves blood has to do with drawing your own blood and spinning it and getting a part of the blood called platelet-rich plasma and now platelet-rich plasma is the part of the blood that’s involved in healing so what we’re doing is we’re manipulating the healing factors of the blood to stimulate your own body’s collagen and blood supply

And women are getting the procedure done from coast to coast Dr. Lawrence Janowski has an office outside of Denver and one of his patients says the procedure is painless microdermabrasion

I think I’d like to try it it’s a it’s the cutting-edge it’s a new thing

Dr. Prasad: the typical candidate is a woman usually in their mid to late 30s and were older and it’s because around that time you start noticing some dullness to the skin the cell turnover isn’t there as it once was genetics starts to kick in some fine lines start to form environmental sun exposure and other factors start to age the skin

Narrator: Dr. Prasad says the procedure takes no more than an hour

Dr. Prasad: Essentially when they go back home to their families their relatives at workplace people say to them why their skin glowing and as cliched as that sounds it actually does glow so it’s but that’s why it’s become so popular

Woman: no pain no pain no pain no gain I would say no baby

I was about to say you better have a little bit of money because it’s gonna cost you a thousand bucks doctors we spoke to said that you can get the tree the treatment done as many times as you like and it won’t hurt your skin

If it works or did you think that it worked on you did you

Feel it looks interesting but you know I try probably not that’s a little they

Have to take your blood first yeah it’s

An interesting science it’s an

Interesting science Dr. Prasad made good points

I think you love it

Thank you yes it is very intriguing and

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