How are modern hair transplants different from old procedures?
Modern hair transplants from an uninformed perspective appears to be technologically
advanced with the use of various mechanical devices to harvest hair grafts for FUE or
follicular unit extraction surgery. Hair transplant surgeons who have performed FUT or strip surgery
and FUE surgery know that FUT or strip surgery has a much higher yield of grafts. This means
that the modern FUE procedure actually creates less volume and density than procedures of
the past. In addition with the reality of the progression of hair loss and the limitations
of the donor area, these same patients who chose to have FUEs for the perceived benefits
of less noticeable scars, have to have another FUE procedure which yields more scars and
less hair growth than their first procedure. In our practice, we’ve changed the conversation
about hair loss by changing when we recommend hair transplant surgery. Briefly, we first
treat many of our patients with hair loss with advanced wound healing technology called
Hair Regeneration which stops and reverses hair thinning which typically restores more
volume and coverage than a hair transplant without surgery. if the patient desires hair
transplant to areas where they don’t have any salvageable hair, we discuss the benefits
of strip surgery and FUE surgery and optimize their surgical results with the same wound
healing technology we use for Hair Regeneration.