I still have hair, but less than before. Can hair be brought back?
In our practice, we have focused a lot of energy toward helping people early when they
first notice hair loss.
When a patient comes to us, we perform microscopic examination of the scalp to determine the
level of hair thinning and hair density.
The key is having hair before the hair thins to the point that the area becomes bald.
We’ve been treating patients for several years with a new method called hair Regeneration
and we’ve reviewed our clinical results.
Hair Regeneration is method of treating hair thinning using a combination of an advanced
stem cell based wound healing material called extracellular matrix with platelet rich plasma
which is a concentration of the healing growth factors derived from your own blood.
For close to 100% of male pattern hair loss we’ve been successful in halting hair loss
progression and restoring thinning hair to thicker hair.
In fact we have proven time and again how much more density, volume and coverage we’re
able to achieve for many of our patients than any hair transplant procedure regardless of