I’m scared of going bald. Can I stop baldness before it starts?
It’s natural to be scared of going bald, particularly when you first notice evidence
of hair thinning or male pattern balding is essentially a genetic trait with an age of
onset and a rate of progression which is specific to you.
If you don’t have any signs of hair thinning, it’s impractical to initiate any type of
We often get inquiries from younger men with early temporal recession who want to have
hair transplant to fill in the area where they’ve lost hair.
This strategy is flawed since the hair loss will continue unless there is any stabilization
of the hair thinning process.
It is important to seek attention once you notice thinning since early treatment can
result in significant restoration of volume without the need for surgery.
As far as options to to treat hair thinning, for men, you have 2 medications, finasteride
which is taken orally daily and minoxidil which is applied topically every day.
Recent concerns about long term sexual dysfunction from finasteride or Propecia has become a
real limitation in the medical options for hair thinning.
We’ve developed a treatment called Hair Regeneration which essentially stops and reverses
hair thinning in male pattern hair loss without the need for other medications or surgery.
We’ve been treating people at different stages of hair loss and have seen dramatic
improvement with this one injection treatment which appears to last from 3 to 5 years based
on our clinical experience.