Defined and youthful cheekbones are often underappreciated until they
diminish with facial aging well-intended injectors place fillers under the skin
hoping the shape they molded under the skin during the procedure would remain stable
unfortunately the filler doesn’t hold its shape so results are either minimally noticeable
from underfilling or the person ends up looking doughy and bloated from overfilling
I find that many people are influenced by marketing and assume that the brand
of the filler is the basis for the quality of results in reality the brands of fillers such as
Restylane and Juvederm have a lot of comparable filler characteristics within their subcategories
these subcategories of fillers have different levels of viscosity which a practitioner can
easily select from so in actuality it’s the technique that defines the quality of the results
not the specific brand by applying a more advanced technique and deeper level of filler placement we
can achieve natural looking defined results which remain stable for typically one year or even more
this is called structural volumizing as the placement of material is at the bone structure
level in addition this placement technique allows for flexibility and convenience for our patients
as they don’t have to worry about having conspicuous swelling bruising or
very visible marks which are more of characteristic of typical conventional injection
methods many of our patients have their cheekbones enhanced over their lunch hour and they return
to work immediately afterwards I routinely see my patients after two weeks to see how they look and
review their before and after pictures so they can see the benefits of the improvement for themselves