Hi my name is Dee, I’m 72 years old. I came here to see Dr. Prasad because I’m interested in having a facelift an eye job because of the fact that I don’t feel 72 years old. I’m very active. I’m still working. There are times at work where people look at me and say “Oh you look so tired and you haven’t slept.” But I do sleep, I have a good night sleep and I still look exhausted. I’m just became a grandmother at the age of 70. I love to keep with the little girl. They’re twins. When we’re out, everybody knows I’m their grandmother but there are times when they look and say “Oh, you look so young.” But the last couple of years, I think gravity has taken a toll. I’m looking forward to taking this journey with my daughter. I don’t want people to see only a difference when I go back to work but to say that I look well rested. They think I took a mini vacation and that’s exactly what I want them to think.

My name is Violet. I’m here at Dr. Prasad’s office because I’m interested in having some facial rejuvenation work done. I have recently lost my job and I’m back in the market place looking for a job and it’s tough out there. I’ve had very great experience but I’m up against candidates that are a lot younger. And I really want to look my best and feel my best. I think it’s great that most of the boys want you to have 15 years or more experience but they want you to look a little bit younger. So, that’s why I’m here for one reason is that I chose Dr. Prasad because he’s not only an excellent surgeon and a super specialist, since I’m having my face and eyes done, it is so important I think that you have a surgeon that’s also an artist, someone who understand that balance of the face. Also in my case, I’m in my 50s. I don’t want to look like I’m to be 20 or 30. I just want to look the best of my age. My mother’s also going to get some facial work done and we both chose Dr. Prasad because she’s in her 70s, I’m in my 50s, we have different needs and Dr. Prasad understands amazingly the differences and the details. He has those subtleties and the mastery and I wouldn’t entrust my face to anyone but him. I just wanted to go and have this journey with you because it’s important to me. I said to do it together. I said you there for me and I’m there for you. And I’m looking forward to everyday that we do the recording and take this journey and show people that it can be done. And it’s nothing to be afraid of.

We were so close. Most people think we’re sisters anyway but you know, what you want to get done, what I want to get done it’s a little bit different and it’s great that we’re using Dr. Prasad because he looks at you and knows what you want. He looks at me and knows what I want and we have similar features which is interesting. He knows exactly how to do the difference and I like that. And I’m looking forward to that and I think it’s great that we’re doing it together. I also like the fact that you are doing it because you are so talented and you can’t find a job. And when I think about people that and you come home and you feel down and looking at your face and then looking at your brain, wow, she can really bring something to this company. And you always feel come home and you always got turned down only because of only the way you look and I think that’s so unfair. I’m not doing it for that purpose, I have job and I love my job and want to keep working for another 10 years if I could but i just want to look as good as I feel. I’m the same weight as I was 40 years ago and I love to be outdoors. You know how I love gardening. You know that I have these grandchildren, we have two twin girls. I love playing with them. I want to be active with them. I think the worse is when people say, you look tired. That gets to me because you know, when you sleep and you feel great and “Oh you look so tired.” All of a sudden you feel tired.

It’s a few minutes before I go into surgery. I got to Dr. Prasad office about 9:30 and they got an IV in me and Valium. I feel relaxed. I’m looking forward towards the surgery. It feels great that they made every accommodation for me to feel relaxed and positive. This is how I look now and the next time you see me, I’ll be all bandaged up and on my way to recovery. I’m looking forward to it. It’s 10 days after my cosmetic surgery with Dr. Prasad and I’m in his office for a follow-up. I feel great. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is for the whole experience. No pain with minimal swelling. I still have a little bruising in the right side of my neck over here a little behind my ears. But I don’t have make-up on at all right now so this is great, I know if I put a little cover-up on, I’ll be able to go out. You won’t even be able to notice it. But it’s been amazing. I can’t believe it’s only 10 days after. It healed so quickly, he did such a great job. I’ve seen other photos of men and women who have had cosmetic surgery and done and their face has been puffed and swollen for a lot longer.

I’m just so shocked I never had that and I guess that’s one of the reasons why I chose Dr. Prasad because he has a technique where there’s a little swelling afterwards and that makes a great difference with the recovery. As far as the procedures i have done. I had my uppers and lowers done. I had necklift and a facelift. The best thing was when I came to Dr. Prasad, I told him what I wanted to achieve, I wanted to look younger. I want to look like I wasn’t tired. I didn’t want to look 20, I wanted to look good for my age. And was great is that he recommended what I should get to get the effects that I wanted which I appreciated. It wasn’t that I walked in and needed a facelift or I needed eyelift. He really tailors and customizes what he thinks you want to achieve.

He listens to what you want and then he makes his recommendations which is really great. That’s why he’s a super specialist and when it comes to the face, I would never go anywhere else but to Dr. Prasad. It’s the face and the eyes that you look like yourself just better and with a great doctor. The stay feel wonderful. They make you feel great. I feel like I’m in spa than in a doctor’s office. So it’s been a great experience.

Exactly 6 days ago, I had my procedure. I had upper and lower lid surgery. I had a face and chin lift. Today I’m at Dr. Prasad’s office and his staff checked all the stitches. Felt like nothing. Felt a little bit of pulling, that was it. I feel really good. through the whole 6 days, I’ve had no problem. I didn’t even have to take a Tylenol except for a two days later, the way I was sleeping, I bothered my neck a little bit. Other than that, I feel great. Every time come, I get a bigger smile in my face because I realize how great I look.

Even bruised, I still feel terrific. I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels. And the staff and Dr. Prasad, there’s no words that I can tell that I’m 72 years old and I feel terrific. Hi it’s been now 4 months since I had my procedure. When I came to see Dr. Prasad, I was concerned because I didn’t feel old but I looked old. I was 72 years old and I still work and I enjoy going to work and I enjoy what I’m doing but people kept thinking I was tired. I explained to him how I felt. I didn’t want to look 20-30 years younger, I just wanted to look the way

I felt and he did everything I could ever imagine. I get compliments that I don’t look tired anymore. A couple of good compliment when people come up to me and say “You look like my age.” Well, I say “How old are you.” And they say, “I’m 58.” And I say “We’re about the same and the truth is I’m 72 and I don’t feel like it.” When my daughter and I did this together, the procedure, she had hers done a week prior to mine and at least we were together and we kept notes, we did videos, we logged everything. I had no pain maybe a little numbness once in a while by my ears. That’s it and it’s been 4 months. I couldn’t be any happier. I’m so pleased. Wait till you see my daughter.

It’s been 4 months since I had my cosmetic surgery. I’m extremely happy with the results. I recently seen a girlfriend of mine whom I haven’t seen in approximately 14 years. She was visiting from Los Angeles and she couldn’t believe that I didn’t age. She said “You didn’t age one bit.” And she was looking for tell-tale signs of facelift which she could find and I was really happy about it. I did tell that I had a little bit of Botox and Restylane but she just couldn’t believe how good I looked but I actually had a lot of help from Dr. Prasad. I feel like I look like myself. I don’t have a face that looks very stiff or artificial. Sometimes I see people who had some cosmetic work done and they lose a lot of their expressions and character so I feel like I look like myself when I look at the mirror, I just feel that I look like a better younger version of me. The other great part of it is, is that I have been out of a full-time job over a year and I have been job interviewing and I’m with people who are a lot younger than me. I’m in my 50s and I recently got a very good job offer. And it culminated so perfectly between getting the cosmetic surgery, uplifting my spirits. Obviously projected in my image and having a career going and I’m 50 something.

I feel amazing. I feel so good for 72. I have the energy. It goes with the face. And I get compliments that people think that I’m in my 50s or my 60s and that’s really a good feeling. This is my daughter and we went through this together and it is the greatest journey. I can’t imagine my side in going through this with her. And of course what can we say about Dr. Prasad. No words can express how grateful we are. It was interesting to see her right after surgery, so smoothly. We recovered so quickly and so fast without incident it was amazing. Just to see how great she looks, she always looked her age but he had a tired look about her and she looked in the mirror and didn’t feel great about it. So she looks great.

I feel really refreshed and young. It’s nice to have my jawline back as far as definition. The most important thing is to find a really good surgeon because there’s a lot of people out there. I did a lot of research and go online and there’s sad stories in realself.com. Women who skimped on a facelift won’t leave their house afterwards because the scars and it got deformed and it’s really sad information out there but I really did my research and I knew Dr. Prasad and I figured when it comes to face and eyes, it’s so important with the surgeon you go with because this represents to the world for the rest of your life with your face and eyes. We’re so happy. We love him.