Platelet-rich plasma or PRP is a process where we take your blood and we process it and we do that through a normal blood draws as if you’re going to a doctor to have a lab test. And with a centrifuge we spin it down and we concentrate the part called platelets. Now what does the platelets do? Platelets as many of you may know is actually a way to clot the blood and so when you have a cut the platelets clog the cut then generates the growth factor, those growth factors allows the cut to heal. So with platelet-rich plasma were actually tricking the body to stimulate collagen through process of healing, so in a way we are healing wrinkles. We’re also using it for hand rejuvenation and many of you may have heard some recent sightings of famous people who have young looking faces but very old looking hands uh unfortunately hands give away age or at least as one of the common things most people look at when they wanna guess how old you are. So taking your own blood having it spun down and then using the platelet-rich plasma is a short way to rejuvenate the hands it takes about half an hour to do and you’re done, you don’t have any anesthesia or any downtime of any significance, so that’s the short story on platelet-rich plasma.