Kyla: Good morning I’m Kyla Grogan and we are gonna go behind the scenes today of a cosmetic surgery procedure I’m here with our willing patient and subject forever Hawk and good morning all right Barbara are you excited?

Barbara: yes very excited tell me what you’re feeling right now I’m a little anxious but I am like just ready to run I want to do this I excited I know what the end results are going to be I’m a medical esthetician I’ve seen the doctors work I see pre and post and I feel like the shimmering his daughter this is my time I want to go and do this so you have a little bit of hyperpigmentation sun damage you have some broken capillaries with tell in my clients I said look at the mirror and see what your concerns are everyone sees each other differently and what you might think is a problem I might not think is a problem just to go back on things I’d like to talk about them everyday life you know I’m a medical aesthetician and they worked a full-time a mother of two teenagers my daughter is 13 will be on college in September for thats a hectic time and a 15 year old son who’s feeling his oats which ulti-gesture but I’m a single parent so I’m going through a divorce right now which is never Pleasant where I would I know what says it is not a pleasant situation so that adds stress

Dr. Prasad: Barbara is this incredible high-energy enthusiastic and passionate esthetician who works in our spa in Garden City she also comes out to Manhattan as well Barbara has been talking to me about doing something to make her look better she has been taking care of many of my patients after surgery after they have their face lift she’s been doing a wonderful job with skincare and so she’s seen firsthand my approach to face lifting surgery the goal is to bring everything up like this but not have her over pulled and look unnatural so I give myself some guidelines so that during surgery when she’s laying down everything I have some marks to show me what everything looks like when people but someone is standing up so what I did was I added I employed a lot of advanced techniques of local anesthesia lighter sedation less trauma it’s kind of comparable to like people doing laparoscopic surgery and doing everything through smaller openings and they’re back to normal life quicker so that’s the main thing we’ve been able to advance over the many years I’ve been practical in past 15 years so that people can go back to work in about a week so we’re really talking she’s gonna have this procedure done today and and within a week she’ll be able to go back to work and what’s important to differentiate is it’s not a shortcut

Kyla: Dr. Prasad how did the procedure?

Dr. Prasad: In fact the whole procedure went perfectly I anticipated that she would be very happy

Barbara: Good morning it’s pretty much 7 days post my surgery with a quick pace of recovery and I just want to let you know how I’m feeling and what I’m doing this is really what really well is very pleased with it there were no complications whatsoever that’s because I did a great job he also had besides the quick face of recovery I had this co2 fractional so that is where the resurfacing of my skin is as well as the removal of the excess game and taking out the bat that’s attribute and to strengthen my jaw one to make it more prominent business head coupled enter

good morning yes April thirtieth 2010 55 days since the procedure everyone knows that I did have a quick recovery facelift as well as the infection in co2 laser how I feel I want to tell everyone i am elated I cannot believe the transformation I can’t believe people didn’t tell me before that I’m with this and the proof with that is my before and after pictures it was why did to share that with everyone because I was in shock my before picture is my grandmother now this has a little harsh but it was my grandmother and now her granddaughter is sitting here so when they say two projects what your future would be like I was the future and now under the present and that’s because everything they went through my procedure just 55 days ago so it wishes mine before I was in shock I think this says 3000 4000 what’s better Monica shop or great facial appointment so fix me up not a bloody but fun I want to get a great outfit to match my grey face.