Today we’re doing a Vampire Facelift and we have a wonderful patient here today who is going to enjoy the benefit and we’re looking forward to helping her.

Hi I’m Laurie I’m at Prasad cosmetic surgery I’m very excited for my Vampire Facelift today I heard some wonderful things about the procedure a few of my concerns on my skin is the dark circles under my eyes also some fine lines on the side of my eyes and smile lines over here as well and I just want a rejuvenated refreshed look which I heard that this procedure will bring now before we start to do the procedure.

I’m going to talk a little bit about what it means to do a Vampire Facelift first of all for anyone who is a doctor or surgeon it’s important to understand that it’s not a regular facelift in terms of the definition of a facelift and that means a facelift helps the jowls and jawline as well as the neck skin by lifting all of the sagging tissue the terminology facelift has now been transformed to just mean facial enhancement so really this is more about restoring volume than it is about lifting so show me what you want to see change the hollowness under my eyes look at the darkness also okay as well as like like the creasing I’m walking directly mm-hmm so we want to see a little bit more volume and this is one of the things that happens and if we’re lucky we get old enough to have some of these problems but when we as we get older we lose fat we lose volume and so the cheek area and the under eye area start to look a little bit hollow so with the vampire lift we’ll be able to restore some volume in this area as well as in other areas of the face that look like they’re starting to get a little bit flat so is there any other parts of your face that you want we just focus on the creases on the side of the nose the smile lines the smile lines right so using using your own blood to create your own collagen using the vampire lip technique is really nice because your body is generating college and it’s a more of a natural tapered look compared to fillers sometimes because fillers can sometimes look a little bit bumpy and using your own blood it kind of goes in very smooth and it generates collagen over the course of several weeks to months so that’s really nice and it keeps on improving a Vampire Facelift was named that because it has to deal with removing some blood or harvesting some blood so that we can use the growth factors and platelets to help restore collagen it was created by a doctor named dr. Charles Reynolds who combined hyaluronic acid which is a filler like Restylane or Juvederm with platelet-rich fibrin matrix now platelet-rich fibrin matrix is different from platelet-rich plasma this is platelet-rich fibrin matrix that’s been activated with calcium chloride so now we’re going to do this one of the nice thing about platelet-rich plasma plug of interest the growth factors stimulate blood flow blood blood vessels and blood vessels go into your skin and create flush or youthful glow you know that’s what we want after the age of 30 is getting back some of that youthful glow and so unlike regular filler platelet-rich plasma or platelet-rich fibrin matrix will stimulate new blood vessels and that creates this nice glow that goes on for months the difference between platelet-rich plasma and platelet-rich fibrin matrix is that the fibrin matrix is a more stable form that allows the recruitment of these growth factors and it creates volume so if we will use a kit such as that Creek offered by self fill or region lab then the material that we’re using acts like a filler as opposed to platelet-rich plasma which is very effective but it’s a liquid and so if we wanted to add volume in the places that need volume it’s better to use something that has substance to it like a typical filler it takes a couple of days for the is to continue but you get the immediate gratification of having some volume and so that you can go on to dinner tonight and you can enjoy having all this placed without it looking like you have something done.

I am an event planner I need to always be on which is one of the reasons when I’m getting this done there’s no downtime with this procedure I need to always look my best and it continues to refresh and rejuvenate your skin so the results only get better which I am very excited about but as far as not having any downtime not missing any work and be able to be camera-ready for any kind of event I need to go to I think this is the right decision for me.

I think we can benefit from adding a little bit here to make this area look a little bit younger that nice yeah good yes no that’s enough shapes in it that’s a young face looking too different that was a sensitive area common in Saudi because that’s a good book no you don’t I mean like you really see huge different pictures which we have it yeah so again the Vampire Facelift is a designer procedure that was created by dr. Runnels so that we can combine in a very specific way the use of a hyaluronic acid and platelet-rich fibrin matrix with one particular goal in mind is to restore the youthful appearance by restoring volume in the places where volume is lost but at the same time making it very convenient it is no surprise that a lot of people who go for fillers will have a negative experience because they’ll have bruising all they’ll have swelling and it was the intention of this particular Vampire Facelift procedure is that once you have it done you can literally have it done as a last minute process so if you have a party that same evening or if you have an important event the next day then you can have a Vampire Facelift and look good.

I just have my Vampire Facelift about ten minutes ago I actually could see it’s amazing I could actually see the results already um plumpness in my cheeks just more volume on the lower part of my face and actually the hollowness under my eyes it’s basically gone already so it’s been a great experience actually going back to work now no downtime tiny little bit of redness but skin looks plump and great so I’m very happy you since I have my vampire face assisting and I love it almost like a refresh you say by skin the texture is much better I don’t have to wear any poor foundation definitely not resounding dark under the eyes and fine lines as well and definitely terrific going on.