In my practice the essence of what we do is develop a bond with our patient it’s not just me but with my staff. So we get to really know who they are and they get to know us very well something that I did was ask a different set of questions and when I started my practice and now over the past 16 years I progressively developed systems and techniques so that my patients have very natural results and also quicker recoveries.

It’s very important to retain the character of a person’s face when I do a procedure and so restoring their appearance so that they look like themselves is so important we all have an image of ourselves in our minds eye and there’s often a disconnect as we get older or as some of the genetic changes start to occur in what we see in the mirror or in photos.

So what I try to do is to reconnect what we see in our minds eye or how we feel on the inside with how we look on the outside our office is certified by the Joint Commission and this is in line with my personal philosophy of taking care of every patient like my own family member. The Joint Commission is the same certifying body that certifies hospitals and surgery centers so our patients feel very secure about coming to our facilities and being taken care of by registered nurses and surgical techs and a team of professionals to ensure that they are safe when they’re having their aesthetic procedure when you contact our office you and I will work together to achieve the results that you are looking for.