What women need to know about hair transplants?
Hair transplant for women is very different
procedure than it is for men. The reason is that female pattern hair loss is diffuse and
also often involves the area we harvest hair from the back of the head referred to as the
donor area. Unlike male pattern hair loss where there are typically bald areas where
you can place hair grafts without worrying about damaging existing hair, in female pattern
hair loss it’s possible to lose existing hairs while transplanting due to how close
the existing thinning hairs are. It’s also important to understand that the expectations
and need for hair is different between men and women. A man with frontal balding can
be satisfied with a small area of hair which helps frame his face. Cosmetically, women
generally in our experience desire a lot more volume. We do hair transplants for women to
help define the frontal hair or to treat areas that appear to be bald where the hair loss
is more advanced. We have been treating female pattern hair loss in our practice with a method
we developed using advanced stem cell based wound healing technology called Hair Regeneration.
Both male and female pattern hair loss involves a process called miniaturization. Although
we don’t know about the exact cause for female pattern hair loss, we’ve used this
Hair Regeneration treatment and have seen improvement in more than 80% of women we’ve