Why does transplanted hair not fall out?
Properly performed hair transplant involves the harvesting of hair grafts from an area
we refer to as the “donor area”. This area is the permanent zone of the scalp where
the hair never falls out. The physiologic term is called “donor dominance” which
means that the hair will retain this permanence when transplanted to an area where hair is
vulnerable to further hair thinning and hair loss. An important related question is “what
happens to your native hair next to the transplanted hair?”. Well, depending on your hair loss
pattern, this native hair can thin out and disappear unless there is any treatment to
prevent or reverse hair thinning. In our practice, particularly for men who are not taking finasteride
or Propecia, we actually apply a treatment we developed called Hair Regeneration to stop
their hair thinning and actually reverse the process so their hair actually becomes thicker.
In fact, we’re seeing more patients from around the world who have had hair transplant
recently and recognize the benefits of the advanced stem cell based technology to enhance
the healing of their hair grafts and to reverse the thinning process of their native hairs
which were at risk of disappearing.