Will my eyesight change after ptosis surgery?
Most people after ptosis surgery appreciate an improvement in their vision through the
improvement of the eye position relative to the pupil.
My patients report that the world feels brighter and they don’t feel the strain of keeping
their eyes open anymore.
In terms of wearing glasses and contact lenses, I advise my patients that they can wear their
glasses if needed after surgery.
But as far as contact lenses are concerned, I usually recommend waiting about a week since
during that time antibiotic ophthalmic ointment is being applied to the eyelid and it can
get on the contact lenses and affect their quality of the vision.
When resuming contact lens wear, I advise liberal use of lubricating eye drops because
it’s expected that the eyes are going to be more dry in the post-operative period and
with the eyes being more open, the tear film may need supplementation.
In terms of your eyeglass or contact lens prescription, it’s possible, you may need
to adjust your prescription.
When the eyelid is drooping, it can affect the curvature of the cornea causing a very
mild astigmatism.
I generally recommend waiting several months before having the patients go to their ophthalmologist
to check if their prescription’s changed.