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New York Cosmetic Surgeon Doctor Amiya Prasad in his office

Ask Doctor Prasad

Patient questions are a great part of the Internet, which makes it possible to get informal information about a condition or a procedure. Dr. Prasad makes every attempt to personally answer every question.

Dr. Prasad has 4 specialty certifications, including Oculofacial plastic surgery and Cosmetic Surgery of the Face and Body. Any discussion of health care or surgical conditions is considered an informal discussion and does not create a surgeon-patient relationship.

A diagnosis and treatment plan can only be established after a formal patient consult is conducted. Any discussion is provided as a courtesy by Dr. Prasad.

This and all other electronic correspondence from Dr. Prasad or his associates does not constitute:

  1. medical advice
  2. an evaluation
  3. a consultation. Nor will any such correspondence be considered as a replacement or substitute for a formal office evaluation and/or consultation by Dr. Prasad or his associates.

Further, information and correspondence contained in this and/or subsequent email correspondence, including all replies, does not and will not create a formal doctor-patient relationship.

Prospective patients desiring a formal consultation are invited to call either Manhattan (212) 265-8877 or Garden City, Long Island (516) 742-4636 for an appointment. Prospective patients should obtain prior approval from their own physician for any change(s) pertaining to their condition, diagnosis, treatment, and/or therapy discussed at consult. Explanation of off-label services and/or products mentioned herein do not constitute endorsement and/or promotion.

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