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effects of brow lifting on eye appearance

Brow Lift Before and After

Brow Lift Before and After Brow Lift Before and After Brow Lift Before and After Brow Lift Before and After Brow Lift Before and After Brow Lift Before and After
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acne scars why there is no single treatment

Stubborn Acne Scar: What is the Best Treatment?

Click here for transcript What is the best treatment for acne scars? Acne scar management requires proper evaluation and clear communication about expected outcomes and long term strategy. It’s very
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different causes of face fillers gone wrong and how they are treated

Face Fillers Gone Wrong: How to Treat it?

Click here for transcript What can I do if the fillers in my face haven’t gone away? Hyaluronic acid fillers such as in theRestylane and Juvederm family of fillers have
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minimizing the appearance of facelift scars

Facelift Scars: How They Can be Minimized

Click here for transcript How can I minimize the appearance of facelift scars? A surgical facelift is a highly effective way to lift sagging cheeks and jowls to create a
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Non-incisional or incisional double eyelid surgery are chosen by age and anatomy

Should I Get Double Eyelid Surgery?

  A common request I receive mostly from people of Asian descent is that they want to have double eyelid surgery, but they prefer to have the non-incisional double eyelid
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stem cell procedures should be approached cautiously

Stem Cell Facial – What You Need to Know

Click here for transcript Is facial stem cell therapy a good treatmentthe term stem cells have many people excited about their potential as thesecret to the Fountain of Youth I
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double chin treatment surgical vs non-surgical

Is Kybella a Good Procedure for Double Chin Treatment?

  There was initially a lot of excitement about the product Kybella around the time it entered the market in 2015. Allergan, the company behind Kybella, obtained FDA approval for
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how to minimize hair transplant scars and how to avoid hair transplant

How to Minimize Hair Transplant Scars?

Click here for transcript Prior to establishing the nonsurgical treatment for thinning hair which we call Trichostem®Hair Regeneration, minimizing the scars from hair transplant surgery was one of the mostsignificant
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causes of bruising from lip fillers and how to avoid them

How to Avoid Bruising After Lip Fillers

Click here for transcript How do you cover bruises from lip filler injections? The desire to have attractive lips is the reason why cosmetic brands sells so much lipstick lip
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getting fuller lips that look natural

How to Get Natural Looking Lip Fillers

Click here for transcript How do I get fuller lips that still look natural? Lip augmentation for fuller andattractive lips is a very popular procedure which can be technicallyperformed in
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