Necklift Rejuvenation

Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon Amiya Prasad, M.D., serving New York City and Garden City  believes neck rejuvenation procedures may be combined with other procedures in order to maximize improvement.

Neck liposuction is accomplished through tiny incisions placed behind the ears and under the chin. With neck liposuction, little straw-like cannulas are used to suction the fat away.

before and after necklift rejuvenation patient - 62 yrs old female patient

This 62 year-old woman underwent a quick recovery neck lift, which was performed under local anesthesia with light sedation. The after photo was taken ten days after the procedure, and she was able to return to work.

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Patient Reviews on Neck Lift
My eyes look rejuvenated after the bags were removed. The neck lift procedure was also a success. Dr. Prasad and his team did a wonderful job! Reviewer: britfan33In three hours Dr. Prasad turned my life around with calm demeanor and precision surgery. Hats off to a great surgeon who also has wonderful sensitivity. Reviewer: hs7856At 70 yrs old, I could not stand my droopy face anymore. Dr. Prasad did such a wonderful job giving me a beautiful face and neck lift.  I look 20 yrs younger and feel that way. Reviewer: name withheld
Dr. Prasad repaired a surgery done by another doctor so well that when I decided to get rid of my jowls and ‘turkey neck’. I am so happy I had the procedure done. Reviewer: name withheldDr. Prasad is a true master of his craft! My results are amazing! actual downtime is nill, went to holiday party 2 days after surgery. No bruising, no swelling, stiches well hidden. Reviewer: suntanjan