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Dr. Prasad patient review
patient review

“Thank you Dr. Prasad and staff for everything – The S Family”

Dr. Amiya Prasad patient reviewDr. Amiya Prasad patient reviewDr. Amiya Prasad patient review
Amiya Prasad MD Patient Review

Dear Dr. Prasad,
Just want to let you know that among the three top plastic surgeons in NYC that I have consulted, you were the one that I have chosen because of you outstanding feedback and reputation from your previous patients. I’m very optimistic that you’re going to do an excellent job on my eyes and make me look younger again!!!
As mentioned to you, I have worked as an OR (operating room) nurse for a long time and I just turned 50 years old this May. This surgery is a “gift” for myself for all those years I have worked for.
I want to thank you and your staff for all that you do for patients like me.
All the best, and may GOD BLESS YOU!!!

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Peer Review

Pre med student Alyssa with Dr Amiya Prasad and medical staffreview from pre-med student
Dear Dr & Dr Prasad, Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to come and shadow you in New York. I have never learned so much material in so little time and I believe that is a true testament to how great o f doctors you both are. This was an experience I will never forget and it has opened up my eyes to a plethora of options out there for me. Thank you again for your generosity. It is so appreciated! Kind Regards,

Professional, knowledgeable and thorough. Answered all my concerns and I felt completely confident and comfortable with going forward with the surgery.

Very professional,knowledgeable and friendly. He goes above and beyond to answer all your questions and make you feel comfortable. Spends the extra time with you, doesn’t rush you.

Dr. Prasad is a true artist!!!!!
He took pictures and analyzed the movements of my facial muscles at which point he went over what I would benefit from the most. After the procedure I went home without any bruising!!! I didnt look overly done. After a few days I looked rejuvenated, well rested and younger. Family, friends and coworkers complemented me on how great my skin looked. Dr. Prasad and Staff are very caring. Their goal is to make you look your best without making you feel or look overly done.


Great staff & medical team. Dr. Prasad takes his time and explains everything in a manner that you can understand.

Extensive follow up care. All of my questions were answered and even some questions that I hadn’t thought of were brought up and answered for me.

Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable. I very much appreciate being greeted by name each time I come for a visit.

My experience has been great!!! The procedure was quick and painless. My bruising went away in about a week. Dr. Prasad did an amazing job and I couldn’t be any happier. His staff is very knowledgeable and caring. I would recommend Dr Prasad to anyone wanting to get any work done.

Dr. Prasad is incredibly present and attentive, answering all of my questions before and after my procedure. His honest and conservative approach to cosmetic surgery eased my concerns and made me feel confident that I would be happy with the results, and I am!

A heart felt thank you goes to Dr. Prasad and his staff
There comes a day when you do not want to look at yourself in the mirror. Of course there are more important things in life like helping others, being involved in the community, but to be truly comfortable with yourself you want to look at the face that projects how you feel inside, youthful, awake, and with it. So modern technology and great progress in medicine can actually give you that, at a price the cost of the procedures. After debating whether to spend my money on a vacation or beautiful wardrobe, the face won. On the actual day of the surgery I was scared but determined. The staff was very kind and understanding and after the sedation for the surgery I was totally relaxed and peaceful and somehow followed along the procedure. First, the brow lift took place and then extra skin over the eyes was cut and I actually heard snip snip snip I don’t recall much of the lower eyelid operation. I must have fallen asleep from time to time and I asked the doctor if he was back but he actually was there all this time. He asked me to turned over to the side and said now “I will give you a nice contour” and he proceeded with the face lift. Skin was pulled and cut and I found it amusing that during the stitching under the hairline a tiny medical gun was used and I heard tuk, tuk, tuk. My only complaint after the hours and hours of surgery my eyes hurt and I asked for a mirror and one eye was different form another which got me a little upset, but I said to the staff this will probably straighten out. Staff said that it needed to be looked at by the doctor and they got the doctor right away and we went back on the table and Dr. Prasad immediately took care of the medical difference. The face the next day was not pretty it turned all different colors : black, purple, yellow. To get well at home was very simple. You don’t leave your house for a few days and you come back to the office for the first follow up the next day to remove the bandage. On that day I still went home in a taxi but for the next periodic follow ups I took public transportation (subway). So what did my face look like then? A little bruised, and not to be stared at its a good idea to wear a scarf or a a baseball hat. I am talking here about a 79 year old face. The best cosmetic surgeon could not possibly turn this face into a 25 year old face as he has only so much of a canvas to work with. I am very happy with the result my eyes are wide and open few wrinkles and laughs lines are still there and what I enjoy the most is a nice contour of the chin and facial profile. If my face remains with lines these are my character lines and I can live with that.


Amazing bedside manner, wonderful knowledgeable staff. Well worth it.

Every aspect of the experience was very professional and I never felt uncomfortable when talking or being checked by any doctor or staff member. I always felt that I was in safe hands.

Linda was very thorough describing very accurately the procedure. In addition, she explained what to expect in the days after and how to address any issues like redness, itching or pain

It was an amazing experience and journey, I wished I had the procedure done years ago but this my time now. Dr. Prasad and his team couldn’t be better in terms of their care, aesthetic and professionalism.

Dr. Prasad was very helpful in explaining the procedure and standing by his work.

Dr Prasad is informative, thorough, takes the time to answer questions and pleasant overall.

Dr. Prasad took years off my face. I have been asked by numerous people,what am I doing different? I have been told that I look so young and healthy, I am beyond thrilled!

Positive experience. No real complaints.

I am very satisfied with the results. Thanks Dr. Prasad.

As a physician myself, I am very particular about who I get my medical care from. Dr. Prasad is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and experienced. His bedside manner is outstanding and his practice is 100% evidence-based. I flew from Canada to see him.

I had an amazing experience with him. He’s very intelligent and very thorough in explaining what can and can’t be done.

Great doctor very friendly. made me feel comfortable. He explained everything step by step i’m very satisfied with my dimples and neck lipo.

Very competent. Answered all my questions. Allayed my anxieties and concerns with his explanation of every step and expectations.

Dr. Prasad and his staff was very informational and put my mind to easy about any concerns or questions that I had. I bedside manner was impeccable. My procedure was a total success. The results looks natural and fresh….just the look I was going for. I have received many compliments about my weight (LOL) they notice a big differences but they can’t put there finger on it. Dr. Prasad and his team ROCK and Gloria was awesome.

I had work done with Dr. PRASAD 10 YRS AGO! He did such a wonderful procedure that lasted 10 yrs…His professional manner and staff were wonderful ! I believe I will be making an appointment soon just for a bit of a “Touch Up” now that I’m 65….Thank You Dr. PRASAD you are “true to your word”

I had upper and lower blepharoplasty and the prasad lift 7 weeks ago and I couldn’t be happier. My eyes and face look so natural and healed very quickly. Dr. Prasad and his whole staff are amazing and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend him


Amazing results. Definitely recommend people to do this procedure
Dr. Prasad and his staff take the time to explain and answer all your questions, making sure you know what to expect from your treatment and how your restoration will proceed.

Very easy to talk to and very knowledgeable


Saw Dr at multiple visits. The staff was attentive, knowledgeable, and courteous

Dr. Prasad is wonderful!
I can’t say enough positive things about him! He legitimately cares about his patient, and it his earnest desire to make sure they are satisfied. That is his top priority. He has been so patient with me. Answers all my questions. what impressed me most about Dr. Prasad was how much he loves his job and doesn’t see it as a job. It is his true passion, and I am lucky to have found him!


Thank you Dr. Prasad for a fabulous job!
I was thrilled with the results of my eyelift and Y lift. It was so natural looking and it took years off my face without looking fake. Nobody noticed that I had surgery. A relative who is a plastic surgeon said that this is the most natural looking procedure he has ever seen. That is exactly why I came to Dr. Prasad. The woman I met who recommended me had such a youthful face and when she told me she did her eyes I could not believe it. I knew that when I was ready to do this procedure it would be HER doctor I would use.


The staff was extraordinarily caring and patient, and dr. Prasad made me feel very confident after answering all the questions/concerns I had.

They truly care. Dr Prasad, is attentive, caring and understands his patients.
I cant say enough good things front the moment you walk through door you are greeted by a very friendly staff very professional. you really feel like you are family, Dr Prasad is a very cool guy and an expert at what he does and a lot of fun I highly recommend him you wont be disappointed

Dr. Prasad and the office staff was amazing. I was taken care of from the moment I walked into the moment I stepped out. EVERYONE is very professional and very friendly ! I’m happy with my decision to come here to have this procedure done and I’m extremely happy with my results!

From the initial consultation through successful surgery and awesome results, Dr. Prasad and his staff have demonstrated professionalism and outstanding care. They endeavor to educate as well as provide honest and affordable options.


Extremely professional and upfront about everything regarding the procedure. Could not be happier with the results of the procedure thus far.

Very good experience, everything was well explained. I highly recommend Dr Prasad.

Nice experience, warm and knowledgeable staff

I can’t say enough good things about my experience with the staff, Ania and Dr. Prasad himself. They’re each very professional, positive, encouraging, courteous, outgoing, empathetic, and boy do they know their stuff!

Dr. Prasad and the clinical staff were amazing. Very polite and kind as well as very accommodating with answering all question

I’m 45 Yrs Old and I Need to Look Younger Than I Appears
I went to many doctors to do the same procedure a mean to Columbia, Argentina and places in New York the Doctor is the best the world need to know about Dr Prasad, the staff is also very excellent I’m going to stick to Dr Prasad because he’s the best I’m not going to anywhere else his bed side matters is the best


Wonderful Results
Dr Prasad is all you I could have asked for, a caring, professional and knowledgeable surgeon. My eyes look rejuvenated after the bags were removed. The neck lift procedure was also a success, Dr Prasad and his team did a wonderful Job! They took the time to evaluate me and explain how the procedures would go. Highly recommended! Thank you


They are kind, thoughtful, thorough and understanding

Wonderful doctor who delivers the utmost care to his patients while being fair and honest.

Dr. Prasad has exceeded my expectations. I’m very pleased with the results!

The staffs are very friendly, helpful, and answer all concerns you may have. Great experience

My experience was handled with perfect professionalism. I was well informed about every step of the process and was told what to expect the throughout.

I have gone to Dr. Prasad several times in regards to cosmetic surgery. He has always been nothing less than courteous, honest and professional. His staffs are competent, personal and very pleasant. I have never felt pain after any procedure and have always healed beautifully and without incident. Dr. Prasad is precise and meticulous in all he does. I have gone from minor procedures such as lip enhancement to major procedures as breast and face lift and each and every time I have been very pleased. As I have told Dr. Prasad; he takes what God has given us and frames it!

He’s was very caring and concerned as if he was the patient.

I grew up feeling like an ugly duckling. Most of my adult life has been focused on making myself beautiful on the inside. At this stage of my life today – I am so grateful to have you help me make my outer as beautiful as my inner! Your work and your passion resonate with my own!

I want to thank Dr.Prasad for his compassion and expertise. He is methodical in the way he works with you. He cares about your well-being, he listens and explains what realistic results are for you and why he is suggesting a course of therapy not only to attain the best outcome but just as importantly the safest choice as well. In my case by the time I presented to Dr. Prasad my face had been over injected with fillers to try and treat hollows I have conjetically under my eyes, that have bothered me all my adult life. I looked swollen, he reassured me and convinced me, not an easy task that other good physicians were unable to achieve and his solution was hyaluronidase to dissolve all the fillers, eliminate the distorted face I had now, and return to ‘baseline’. This was a frightening suggestion for me I didn’t want to but his patience and way of explaining why and the possibilities that we could consider going forward but only after we erased the mistakes. He did a series of PRP injectable to ‘help the healing process’ from the trauma that had previously been done. Dr. Prasad has given me the greatest gift! My eyes are beautiful again, my skin is healthy. Thank you SO MUCH Dr. Prasad.

I now have twice had PRP treatment with Dr. Prasad: face, neck and hands. After seeing the results there, I also had my knees done. The process is stunningly comfortable. I have been thrilled with the results — they are subtle, but significant. The best word I can think of is ‘fresh.’ My face and hands look more vibrant and I can see the effects of additional treatment in creating what overall is a more youthful and healthy appearance. The only down side is that I now want to do my entire body!

I wanted to take some time to thank Prasad Cosmetic. I have eyelid Ptosis and wanted the get in touch with the best surgeon in this field to fix it. After finding Dr Prasad via youtube, we scheduled a skype session since I live in Europe. After another physical consultation, I scheduled a surgery. Now 3 months later, I am really happy with the result, the all process went well. Dr Prasad and his team are true professionals.

Dr. Prasad and his staff embody the very highest levels of professionalism. Their commitment to excellence is unsurpassed. Throughout my procedure, I was treated with every kindness and courtesy imaginable. Most importantly, the final work produced was flawless. Dr. Prasad is unquestionably a virtuoso in his field.

Dr. Prasad is a true professional. His work is first rate and his ‘ bedside manor’ is wonderful. My experience with the surgery and follow up was amazing. I would recommend him to my family and friends with no hesitation. TMG.

The only word I can describe my experience with Dr. Prasad is amazing! Staff was terrific, professional and caring. Procedure -I felt nothing, like taking a nap. Post op- no pain. The only difficult part was sleeping on my back. Best part of all- seeing a younger me smiling in the mirror. Amazing

Many doctors in the medical field drive commerce instead of health and proper and honest knowledge. I Run my own business and I am always sceptical of what anyone tries to sell me. I did my research and some comes from listening but most comes from instinct and what I found was Dr Prasad…’not a Businessman but a man who loves what he does and a straight up talker with no sales pitch behind it. My results have been amazing and my experience with the whole staff including Linda and Ania. ‘I would rather be under someone who loves what they do aside from someone who has to be there and Dr Prasad is a Gentleman genius and a pioneer! His website is informational and honest and to the point, it doesn’t get any better!!

-Paul A.

I am very happy with my result. Natural looks and it was very short recovery time and no pain at all!! I highly recommend having this procedure. Also, Dr Prasad and every staff in the office are great and very helpful.


Excellent in every way: answers questions in a thoughtful manner. He is highly intelligent and ‘cutting edge’ in his approach to his practice. Wonderful chair side personality.


I am very pleased with results of my surgery


Well I was very happy. I discovered that Dr. Prasad, he is a wonderful and caring doctor and I’ve had one of the best experiences I have ever had. I thought at first I would be a little afraid and nervous for what I was about to do. But afterwards, I was really relaxed and experienced no pain. I would do it again.

I want to thank all of you for your professionalism & kindness in my care. Your attentiveness & skills made my surgery, post op & recovery go smooth & comfortably……A special thanks to Dr Prasad for your expertise & skilled hands. I also want to thank you for making my outward appearance match my youthful inner self & helping me regain my self confidence

I would like to thank you, Dr. Prasad, and the entire team for your level of professionalism, courtesy, knowledge, and expertise that everyone showed – you guys were as great as the reviews said.

I debated on dimple surgery for a couple of years now! I started researching on my own and came across Dr. Prasad. Upon consult I felt very at ease with him and his super friendly staff. He was very experienced, informative and answered all my questions. It is after surgery and I am so amazed with the results! I get compliments on my smile and I am so happy I decided to do it! Now I am considering having my other side done as well!!

72 Year Old from New York, Facelift and Necklift
Dr. Prasad did such an extraordinary job, I was back to work in less than a week! I feel so energized and happy when I now look in the mirror, gone is my old tired looking face. I now look as young as I feel. Thank you so much Dr. Prasad!


From the beginning of the process and continued follow ups I was very impressed with the doctor and his staff

-M F

So far I am pleased with the result. Also the office staff was very knowledgeable and accommodating.

I’ve undergone several procedures with Dr. Prasad over the past year. All in all, I have had nothing but the best experience as a patient of Dr. Prasad and his clinic

I would highly recommend Dr. Prasad. My surgery was made much easier because of his efficient staff. My questions were answered promptly by Dr. Prasad and his pleasant staff.

I am so happy with my appearance after seeing Dr. Prasad. As a 25 years old girl, I couldn’t figure out why I looked tired, mad, stressed and older than 25. Dr. Prasad knew exactly what was wrong and how to obtain results that are natural and seamless.

At 70 years old, I could not stand my droopy face anymore. Dr Prasad did such a wonderful Job giving me a beautiful face and neck lift. I look 20 years younger and feel that way

I am so lucky to have found Dr. Prasad! He is wonderful! He repaired a surgery done by another doctor so well that when I decided to get rid of my jowls and “turkey neck” with a face/ neck lift I went back to Dr. Prasad. He is so kind and patient and knowledgeable that he makes you feel at ease the minute you meet him. His staff is also wonderful. I am so happy I had the procedure done. It was so much simpler than I thought it would be. It was done in Dr. Prasad’ lovely office. I went home that afternoon. I never needed pain medication. I had some swelling and a little bit of bruising but was able to go back to work the following week. The fact that he does all this without general anesthesia was what made all this so fantastic! Everything went perfectly. I look so natural. You wouldn’t be able to tell I had a face lift except for the fact that I have a beautiful jawline, no jowls or hanging neck. I look ten years younger and no visible scars! I could not have asked for better. If you are looking to have some plastic surgery done that will make you look and feel better, go see Dr. Amiya Prasad. You will be glad you did!

Face and Neck Lift
I couldn’t have asked for more. Dr. Prasad exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend him to anyone thinking of having plastic surgery! I had a face and neck lift 3 months ago by Dr. Amiya Prasad in his Garden City, NY office. I went to Dr. Prasad the first time to repair eye surgery done by another doctor. He did an amazing job making my eyes look normal again. So when I considered an face lift , I went back to him and I am so glad I did! He does beautiful work He is so patient and kind, he makes you feel great every time you see him. He knew a was a bit nervous and now that I look back, I can’t believe how easy it was. He does the surgery right in his beautiful office with a top notch team that were all terrific. I went home the same day and I was expecting pain but I had none. I did not need any pain medication. I would say I was “uncomfortable” the first few days but then the healing was so quick. I had a little swelling and a bit of bruising on my neck but I covered that with makeup and was back to work in 8 days! I was worried that I would look fake or pulled tight but I just look like me only 10 years younger! I did not tell anyone I had this done and they did not know, they just said I look great or “did I just get back from vacation”! And the best thing is he performs this beautiful work without general anesthesia! If you are looking for a fantastic plastic surgeon that does beautiful natural work, then go to Dr. Prasad. He is amazing!

These people are top notch

Great Doctor! I contacted Prasad Cosmetic Surgery after finding Dr Prasad online. I went on to have a Ptosis eye surgery and I am really happy with the result, the aftercare was thorough. I will come again

Dr. Prasad corrected my retracted lower eyelids using acellular dermal grafts inside my eyelids. The results are fabulous. I am very pleased. He and his staff have been terrific throughout the entire experience.

Dr. Prasad – Lower Eyelid Retraction Repair – World Class Expert
Dr. Prasad was friendly, knowledgeable and informative without being condescending, and dedicated his time generously. I did not feel rushed in any way and he answered all of my questions and concerns thoroughly.


THE BEST!! Laser Hair Removal.. Exceptional People and Atmosphere!
I was referred here by a good friend to have Laser Hair Removal. I have had the most amazing treatment by all of the staff and what feels like preferential treatment by Dr. Prasad himself. He is world class, down to earth and works hard! He is a Doctor for all of the right reasons! Office staff are helpful, friendly, and have gone out of their way for me with my busy schedule to accommodate my appointments. The atmosphere is unique I love going to see Dr. Prasad. I continue to tell friends and family they need to go, I urge all who seek any type of cosmetic treatment to go meet Dr. Prasad and his staff you will not be disappointed! (I have a few more treatments to go and so far results are exceptional with no major irritation)


I went last week to have a Vampire Face lift, turn out great. The Staff is amazing and Dr Prasad took the time to explain to me how the procedure would be done

Great Facelift, Great Result, Look at Least 10 Years Younger
Found him through his online videos, great communicator and took the time to answer my questions about the procedure. For my 54 birthday, I decided to get a facelift. I had different types of injection in the past but I was told by different plastic surgeons that a facelift would be more effective. After consulting with Dr Prasad, I felt comfortable enough to have the surgery done by him. We planned it for the following month. 5 months after, I am really satisfied with the result, my skin is tight and the scars are not visible. Highly recommend!!


Great Results
I can honestly say Dr. Prasad is the warmest doctor I’ve ever met. When I went to get Botox and PRP I was afraid because I’m really scared of needles and it was the simplest thing ever, his nurse staff talked me though it and it was over before I knew it. Dr. Prasad and his staff are very nice, honest and understanding. The atmosphere is very pleasant. If I do ever consider having any other procedures I would defiantly see him because I truly value his professional and artistic opinion.


23 years Old Acne Scars Treatment
Extremely pleased with Dr. Prasad! He is truly the best. Do not waste your time with anybody else


Went to see him yesterday, I am extremely happy with the result. I cannot thank Dr. Prasad enough for his amazing expertise!!!!!!! 🙂

My friend recommended me to Dr Amiya Prasad after she had a Vampire Facelift done to her, She looked great. I went and had it done as well, in preparation for a wedding. The injections were quick and painless. The nurses at Prasad cosmetic surgery were friendly, good environment overall

I debated on dimple surgery for a couple of years now! I started researching on my own and came across Dr. Prasad. Upon consult I felt very at ease with him and his super friendly staff. He was very experienced, informative and answered all my questions. It is after surgery and I am so amazed with the results! I get compliments on my smile and I am so happy I decided to do it! Now I am considering having my other side done as well!!


I had a face and necklift with Dr. Prasad. The man is a genius! I did not want to look like I had work done. The results are astonishingly beautiful yet natural! People go to him to fix botched jobs done by other doctors. When I look at my ‘before’ pictures, I do not believe the transformation! The entire staff was warm and attentive. I felt completely taken care of by everyone, as if I were a member of their own family.


I Look 20 Years Younger, at Least!
I had a neck and facelift by Dr. Prasad. The man is a genius. I look like a young girl now, only naturally. I did not want the kind of face that is pulled so tight it is obvious you had work done. When I was first researching, this is what impressed me about him. He won’t do an extreme job on you. People come to him to fix botched jobs! When I look at my before pictures I do not know who that is, (luckily). My family and friends (whom I told), are absolutely amazed at the beautiful, natural results. The entire staff was warm and attentive. I felt completely taken care of by everyone, as if I were a member of their own family. If you are going to do this, only go with the best, and the best is Dr. Amiya Prasad. I also appreciate that the office takes Care Credit so you can pay it off in a year without interest.


Best Doctor
Three years ago I looked into the mirror and thought I was in a federal relocation program confined to a Frank Perdue hen house. I had angst concerning my throat and jaw line – enter Dr. Prasad. In three hours he turned my life around with calm demeanor and precision surgery. Hats off to a great surgeon who also has wonderful sensitivity.


I am so happy with my appearance after seeing Dr. Prasad. As a 25 year old girl, I could not figure out why I looked tired, mad, and stressed, and older than 25. Dr. Prasad knew exactly what was wrong and how to obtain results that are natural and seamless!


Dimple surgery
I was recommended by a friend of mine about Dr Prasad. I wanted to get a dimple surgery and went for a consultation in his New York midtown office. The staff was friendly and made me comfortable. I booked a surgery for the following weeks, two months later, I’m really happy with the result. It looks really natural and no scars left from the surgery. I will go again

Exceptional Surgeon and Amazing Staff
Dr. Prasad is an excellent, competent, caring doctor who knows what he’s doing and I would readily recommend him to any of my friends and family. This review is about one of several procedures I’ve had done over the past year with Dr. Prasad. Because this is a rather lengthy review I will list them quickly here and then get into more details below: eyelid ptosis (drooping) repair, blepharoplasty, botox, and Acell PRP hair restoration. For any of these, Dr. Prasad and his clinic gets my unequivocal recommendation. Eyelid Ptosis (drooping) Repair: I used to have a slightly drooping eyelid, a progressive condition which was barely noticeable but would have become an issue later on in life. So I decided to deal with it preemptively. I started by doing my homework and medical consultations. Before I came to Dr. Prasad, I had consulted with two other board certified cosmetic surgeons, one of them was an oculofacial plastic surgeon like Dr. P (specialty in the area around the eyes). In addition, I also consulted with two OTHER doctors via email, one an oculofacial surgeon and the other an ophthalmologist. In the end, based on a number of factors such as experience, competence, trust, conservativeness of approach, I went with Dr. Prasad and I am truly glad I did. The drooping was corrected in both eyes and I healed up very nicely. Even just a few months post-operatively, you can see no sign of incisions and I look much more awake and refreshed. Blepharoplasty: Six months after my ptosis repair which corrected the drooping, I returned to Dr. Prasad with a request to remove some excess skin on my right upper eyelid. The goal was to achieve a nice symmetry in my eyes (this one you could technically chalk up to vanity but you wouldn’t be reading this if you yourself weren’t considering something like this lol). So once again, I went under the knife, and healed up quickly. It was a simple procedure in my case, I had it done on a Friday and was back in the office on Monday. The results were outstanding. I’d also like to state that Dr. P’s staff was exceedingly helpful and available throughout both my ptosis repair and bleph. I was nervous during the first procedure, but not at all the second time, mainly because I trust these guys. Also, Dr. P is really nice and takes the time to answer any questions. Botox: With this one, I was dating a dermatologist at the time and she had done Botox herself (by one of her med school classmates hah!) and even offered it to me for my forehead and crowsfeet. I kept putting it off though for a variety of reasons. In the end, we stopped seeing each other before I could take her up on her free Botox offer (doh!). At any rate, I asked a couple of Dr. Prasad’s staff about it and they both recommended it highly. That’s the cool thing about Prasad Cosmetic Surgery: many of the staff have had the same procedures you might be considering which enables them to speak from personal experience. So I got some Botox just to see what all the fuss is about and I’m actually really glad I did. It truly does make you look younger and more rested. Dr. Prasad is conservative in his approach and doesn’t use too much so you don’t have to worry about looking weird after. Acell-PRP Hair Restoration: As of the writing of this review, I have not yet done it but am scheduled in a couple of months. I’m not bald or balding. HOWEVER, some of my hair is getting a little thin and even though I seem to have inherited my hair from my mother’s side of the family, my father did lose most of his hair. So, I’m doing the Acell- PRP hair restoration as a form of “hair insurance”. Again a couple of the male staff at Dr. Prasad’s office have done it and rave about it. So I’m going to do this and update this review when I can speak to its efficacy. All in all, I have had nothing but the best experience as a patient of Dr. Prasad and his clinic.


Splendid Experience
I spent a good deal of time researching doctors. I came across Dr Prasad ‘s name after reading reviews from some of his patients. I began researching him, the fact that he specializes in oculofacial surgery was a huge factor. Let me just say, all the praise I read was well deserved. First of all, his staff was professional and calming. There was never a wait when I arrived for any appointment, from the consultation through the follow up visits. He truly is an artist. The care and time he took to answer all of my questions before and after my surgery was wonderful. I never felt like he was rushing to be somewhere else. I highly recommend Dr. Prasad to anyone who is considering any facial surgery. I also have to add, his skin care products ROCK!


Hand Rejuvenation with Amazing Results
I cannot say enough about Dr. Prasad and his wonderful staff. I never write reviews I generally read them. I felt compelled to write one this time because of my positive experience. I spent months researching PRP for skin rejuvenation and the doctors who provided it. I finally chose Dr. Prasad because of the length of time he has been doing it and the myriad of educational videos he has on numerous subjects. From the moment I walked in the door I felt welcomed and comfortable – everyone was very attentive. Dr. Prasad is a very knowledgeable and compassionate doctor. While my main concern is rejuvenating some areas on my face where I have some skin issues I decided to rejuvenate my hands first. My hands showed significant signs of aging, so some of my own fat was used along with the PRP. The results were amazing! I watched the skin on my hands literally transform to a youthful appearance. I can’t wait to see what it will do for the skin on my face. I highly recommend Dr. Prasad. Through my research on the Internet and the his educational youtube videos on his various procedures.


PRP Skin Rejuvenation
I cannot say enough about Dr. Prasad and his wonderful staff. I never write reviews I generally read them. I felt compelled to write one this time because of my positive experience. I spent months researching PRP for skin rejuvenation and the doctors who provided it. I finally chose Dr. Prasad because of the length of time he has been doing it and the myriad of educational videos he has on numerous subjects. From the moment I walked in the door I felt welcomed and comfortable – everyone was very attentive. Dr. Prasad is a very knowledgeable and compassionate doctor. While my main concern is rejuvenating some areas on my face where I have some skin issues I decided to rejuvenate my hands first. My hands showed significant signs of aging, so some of my own fat was used along with the PRP. The results were amazing! I watched the skin on my hands literally transform to a youthful appearance. I can’t wait to see what it will do for the skin on my face. I highly recommend Dr. Prasad

Dr. Prasad was recommended to me by a friend who claims he is a “genius”. Unhappy with my appearance at 56, but not having the funds to accomplish much, I made an appointment “just to see & get an idea”. My expectations of Dr. Prasad, in every respect, were surpassed within 5 mins of our consultation. Knowing that my budget was limited, he suggested “the most beneficial outcome at the least expense”. He gave me the opportunity to pay a minimal amount & finance the balance. The procedure went smoothly; I was awake for the latter half & felt no pain. The surgery was on a Friday & I was back @ work on Monday. I agree, Dr. Prasad is a genius. I recently had a similar procedure done (6 yrs later), although the first procedure would have kept me looking 10 yrs younger without additional intervention by Dr. Prasad. Once again, Dr. Prasad (& his staff) demonstrated expertise, and attentiveness to my wishes and comfort. The outcome is as expected – wonderful!

Fantastic Doctor
Dr. Prasad was highly recommended to me by a friend in 2006. My expectations of Dr. Prasad’s professionalism, expertise, and most importantly (to me), a certain warmth and understanding by reaching out to prospective patients, which he seems to exude most naturally, was beyond my expectations. Dr. Prasad is indeed an expert in his craft, in every sense. I found, during my procedures in 2006 and 2012, that his staff mimics Dr. Prasad’s attributes in every way. After a 6 year absence, I was greeted by all as an ‘old friend’… not as another repeat patient.


Dr. Prasad is a True Master of His Craft!
Although I could write a detailed essay, I’ll be brief: I had mini-facelift at age 56 and the results were amazing (to my surprise, although a ‘neck lift’ is not considered part of the “mini lift”, my turkey neck disappeared!) Six years later, still looking 10 yrs younger, I began to see a bit of slippage caused by ‘old mother gravity’. Before it got worse – off I went to see Dr. Prasad for a repeat, this time included the necklift. Results: AMAZING !! Actual “downtime” is nill; went to holiday party 2 days after surgery. No bruising, no swelling, stitches well hidden — just a big smile on my face!


Dr Prasad – a true genius!
I first saw Dr. Prasad about 6 yrs ago, after a friend raved about the results of her cosmetic surgery. Being self-supporting, I doubted I could afford such a luxury, but was curious. I was so taken with Dr. Prasad’s calm, reassuring manner and the fact that he said “we’ll get this done for you – the best procedure I can do for you, at the least expense …..”. He handed me loan brochures, and within a day, I was approved, paid a minimal downpayment and counted down the days till the “new-old me” resurfaced from 10 years ago ! Loan was only 3 yrs, at low interest; I hardly felt a dent in my budget. On the same note, I was awake for the latter half of the surgery (mini-facelift-only small incisions around ears) and I felt no discomfort. Surgery was on a Friday and I was back at work on Monday, with only a few eyebrows raised trying to figure out what was so different.about me; I could not stop smiling and just felt so darn good. I had no bruising/swelling. Even the beginnings of my turkey neck were gone! I recently went back for a similar procedure, although it wasn’t really necessary – I still looked 8-10 years younger than my early 60s. Yet I started to see a little bit of ‘old mother gravity’ doing her job and before it got any worse, I was anxious to go back to Dr. Prasad to have him work his magic. His wonderful staff greeted me like an old friend! Results were the same as first time; wonderful ! Dr. Prasad is a master at his craft, and more importantly, he LISTENS to my needs/wants – I never feel rushed. I highly recommend Dr. Prasad and his wonderful team to anyone desiring to improve their looks and outlook on life as well !!!

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