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The Y Lift

Liquid Facelift and Volume Enhancement

The Y Lift® is a minimally invasive facial contouring procedure designed to add volume and lift to the cheek, give definition to the chin and jawline, and contour the upper neck.The process is quick, painless, and convenient, putting it in the category of other minimally invasive procedures such as liquid facelifts, and “lunchtime” procedures.

Before and after Y Lift Facelift performed by Dr Amiya Prasad
Before and after Y Lift Facelift performed by Dr Amiya Prasad

As we age, we lose youthful volume that keeps our faces looking perky, plump, and supple. Facial volume loss due to aging occurs before significant loss of skin elasticity that causes sagging. However, since the overlying skin loses the facial structure that supports it, the skin appears to sag, making us look tired, and older than we actually feel.

This general “collapse” or sagging that occurs around the face can be attributed to volume loss, but it is also attributed to the fact that the facial bone structure actually shrinks as we get older. This phenomenon has long been understood by dentists who know based on study and experience that losing teeth can result in the shrinkage of certain areas of one’s jawbone. Evidence of facial bone shrinkage, however, was a more recent discovery.

What is a Y Lift®?

The Y Lift®, or what we call Structural Volumizing, is a method of addressing facial volume loss due to aging using the principles of facelift, and facial implant surgery to enhance facial volume non-surgically. Unlike traditional facial filler placement that places filler in the fat and soft tissue space, just below the skin, The Y Lift/ Structural Volumizing places filler at the structural level of the bone, and in between the muscle layer. Placing filler at the foundational bone level adds structure, and definition in addition to volume, with the overlying muscle layer preventing migration of the filler. Placing filler at the bone level avoids the pillowy, doughy look that can happen when filler is placed at the fat and soft tissue level, where most doctors place facial filler. Thicker, longer lasting hyaluronic acid fillers are used, such as Juvederm Ultra Plus, and Juvederm Voluma, with volume results lasting about 2 years, or even longer.

The procedure is performed without making any incisions and without the use of general anesthesia—just a local anesthetic in the specific areas of the face. Patients are fully awake during the entire procedure. The entire process takes about 15-30 minutes to complete and results can be seen immediately after the procedure.

Since this is such a minimally invasive method, there is no downtime involved, and the most you can expect after the treatment is some very minor swelling and bruising. In fact, most patients are able to work or go out and resume their daily activities even after just having the procedure done, hence the reason why it is called the “Lunchtime Lift”.

According to studies, women are more prone to losing their facial bone structure earlier, most occurring in their early 40s, while men see this same type of bone loss 10 to 15 years later. When the facial bone structure begins to shrink, skin loses that important framework that keeps it in place, thus bringing about that wrinkled, saggy, and sunken look.

Indeed, this is the natural process of aging, and it happens to everyone, but why settle for looking tired when you can look as good as you feel?

Y Lift facelift illustration

Why is it called the “Y” Lift?

If you take a closer look at the ideal youthful facial contours, you will notice that it usually takes on a “Y” shape. You have a high and wide cheekbone area that tapers off into a crisp jawline and narrow chin, and then extends downwards into a smooth neck.

Unfortunately, as we age, this lovely contour is often lost due to sagging skin and loss of volume, thus leaving you with wrinkled and sunken facial features. By addressing these particular areas using minimally invasive techniques, the Y Lift® aims to restore that youthful fullness and radiance by putting back the lost volume. The Y Lift® is a minimally invasive facial contouring technique rooted in the philosophy of “Structural Volumizing”.

How long does Y Lift® last?

The results of the Y Lift® can last between 1-3 years and can benefit both male and female patients.

Y Lift Review

What is “Structural Volumizing” all about?

As mentioned earlier, the facial bone structure tends to deteriorate and shrink as we get older. As part of the aging process, that natural layer of fat that gives our faces its youthful volume is also gradually lost, thus giving way to tired eyes, sunken and sagging cheeks, and general wrinkling of the skin.

The term “Structural Volumizing” refers to the replenishment of that lost volume deep within that structure (atop the foundational bone level, and below the strong muscle layer) to restore a youthful, defined facial contour.

Y Lift-before and after results performed at Prasad Cosmetic Surgery
Y Lift-before and after results performed at Prasad Cosmetic Surgery

The Y Lift® gives structural volume for the lower, mid, and upper parts of the face without surgery. The Y-Lift places more viscous hyaluronic acid fillers deeper than normal applications, supported by bone and muscle rather than skin and fat, so more volume can be supported. This was taken 2 weeks after the Y-Lift procedure

Since volume is added deep into the areas where it was lost, the youthful and exuberant look that you once had can be achieved again. In fact, the Y Lift® works so exceptionally well that it can even enhance your natural facial features. It fills out and emphasizes the cheeks, lifts the eye area, and defines the chin, jawline and upper neck area—all this without even having to go under the knife.

The Y Lift® Procedure

  • Traditionally, fillers are placed in the layer of dermis as well as below the dermis. Since this is soft tissue, only a small amount of filler can be added. Placing more filler for more volume often results in an unnatural look – not a youthful one. Placing too much filler often gives the face a pillowy, puffy, and stretched look.
Facial fillers placed at the dermis illustration
  • With the Y Lift®, filler is placed at a much deeper level with a more solid foundation than soft tissue – the facial bone structure and muscle layer.
Y Lift® places facial fillers at the facial bone structure illustration
  • A blunt cannula is used to place a significant amount of filler in the deeper levels of the face, while achieving a natural and youthful look.
deep placement of cosmetic filler for Y Lift
  • With deeper placement, the Y Lift restores facial structure to support the skin, creating a lifting effect to the face, something that traditional filler placement could never do. The deep placement of filler to lift soft tissue and add more volume is the foundation for the concept called “Structural Volumizing”.
structural volumizing illustration
  1. Following a thorough assessment and examination, the patient’s face is prepped, sanitized, and numbed with a light local anesthesia for the procedure.
  2. A specially-designed titanium instrument, resembling a needle, is the main device used to perform the Y Lift®. This instrument is inserted deep beneath the skin, past the dermis and muscle, where it is then manipulated throughout specific areas of the face. By doing this, an instant lift and contouring of the muscles and fat under the skin occurs instantly.
  3. A hyaluronic acid-based filler (which also happens to be made up of a substance that is naturally produced in the body) is then released into that same area in order to hold or keep the lift in place.
  4. The instrument is then removed from the face, and the area is then manually contoured or sculpted to ensure that the filler is not only smoothly and properly in place, but is also placed in such a way that it accentuates the natural features of the patient.
  5. The Y Lift® makes use of no incisions, no stitches, and no general anesthesia.

The Y Lift® method for specific areas of the face

Dr. Prasad applies the techniques used for Y Lift® to treat specific areas of the face such as the cheeks (cheek lift), chin (non-surgical chin augmentation), and jawline.

We often hear about various ways to describe the ideal facial features, such as the classic “oval face”, “heart-shaped face”, and “apple cheeks”. However, despite all these different descriptions that seemingly connote different aspects of what makes facial features beautiful, there is actually only one underlying denominator that all these descriptions have: a smoothly defined mandibular angle, and chin.

before and after Y Lift results of patient in side view
Y Lift-before and after results performed at Prasad Cosmetic Surgery - patient side view

The ideal facial structure is illustrated by 4 factors:

  1. A well-defined mandibular angle that shapes the rear of the facial shape.
  2. An elongated, straight mandible that serves as the basis of a young-looking face.
  3. A tapered and prominent chin that accentuates the frontal portion of the face.
  4. A streamlined angle between the highest point of the cheek (near the temples), all the way down to the mandible.

With such a multitude of different types of beautiful faces and features, a sharply-defined chin and jawline is what unites them all. In fact, it is precisely this feature that makes up almost ¾ of our facial structure, and is what gives it definition and balance. Notice how a weak chin or jaw takes away from one’s appearance, making one look older.

Over the years, people have undergone pain and discomfort, risked infection and complications, and endured long periods of downtime in the pursuit of this sought-after feature. Fortunately, it can now be attained without needing a single incision on your face.

Dr Amiya Prasad with female patient

Dr. Amiya Prasad — A Licensed Provider of the Y Lift® in New York

Dr. Amiya Prasad was the first among a small group of accredited Y Lift® providers who had received special training directly from Dr. Yan Trokel himself. As such, this means Dr. Prasad has been practicing the Y Lift techniques and procedures the longest, second only to its founder, Dr. Trokel. As a facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon, and oculofacial plastic surgeon with experience spanning 20 years with practices in Manhattan and Garden City, Dr. Prasad is well-known for excellence in facial cosmetic procedures.

Often referred to as an “artist with a syringe”, Dr. Prasad is sought out by patients from all over the world for his delicate and artistic approach to non-surgical procedures. His stringent attention to detail, coupled with a discerning eye for aesthetics makes Dr. Prasad exceptional at producing natural-looking results for his patients.

As a specialist in facelift surgery, Dr. Prasad’s knowledge of the deep anatomy of the face has made a significant impact on his unique style of performing the Y Lift®.

Y Lift Before And After

y lift before and after performed by Dr Prasad New York City
how Dr. Prasad avoid pillow face - y lift before and after recovery
before and after liquid facelift - female patient three-quarter view
y lift before and after performed by Dr Prasad Manhattan NYC
y lift before and after performed by Dr Prasad Garden City Long Island NY
y lift before and after photos Long Island, New York
y lift before and after performed by Dr Prasad NYC
how Dr. Prasad avoid pillow face from fillers - liquid facelift or y lift before and after recovery
y lift before and after
y lift before and after performed by Dr Prasad Long Island, New York
y lift before and after performed by Dr Prasad Garden City New York
y lift before and after pictures Manhattan NYC


The Y Lift® cost will vary depending on each patient’s unique needs. Dr. Prasad will develop a treatment plan tailored to your specific goals during your consultation.

Y Lift® in NYC and Long Island, New York

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The Y Lift® is considered one of the leading facial contouring and skin treatments today, largely due to the minimally invasive nature of the procedure, as well as its long lasting results.

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