Selphyl (Natural Wrinkle Reduction)

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A new generation of wrinkle smoother that lasts up to two years! This procedure is a system by which an individual’s own growth factors are harvested, and are then immediately prepared and introduced to areas that need “fill”.  A small blood sample is drawn, from which the platelet-rich plasma, rich in growth factors, is injected into and beneath the skin of a line, wrinkle, fold, or area of deficiency.  Growth factors are immediately released into the skin, and the production of new cells and collagen is triggered.

What Is Selphyl?

The SELPHYL® System is a reproducible, hypoallergenic, and cost-effective treatment. SELPHYL® is used by Prasad Cosmetic Surgery in our New York offices to harness the patient’s own biology and platelets (PRP) to naturally fill skin depressions, acne scars, wrinkles and folds rather than using synthetic, plastic, or animal-derived materials.

A small volume of the patient’s blood is collected and the platelets and fibrin are concentrated during a simple centrifuge process. The resulting product (liquid, gel or membrane) can be applied to a treatment area of the face or body to stimulate natural, new tissue growth.

The Selphyl Procedure

The natural procedure is performed in less than 20 minutes and typically yields 4 cc of product – enough for facial contouring. When injected, SELPHYL® stimulates cell proliferation, which promotes volume increase and skin rejuvenation.

Physicians and patients have seen promising and lasting results, with visible effects noted as early as 3 weeks after injection.

Oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Amiya Prasad is very experienced at using this natural filler for their patients with excellent results.

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