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Month: March 2019

Do Under Eye Creams Work? Eye Bags Causes and Treatment

Click here for transcript Why are creams not working for my eyebags? The presence of eye bags is a common problem that affects people regardless of age gender or ethnicity
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How Does Minoxidil Help Hair Growth?

Click here for transcript Thank you for your question! You stated in your question that you’re using 15% minoxidil and you’re asking if minoxidil can actually damage or kill transplanted
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5 Things to Consider Before Having Cosmetic Surgery

Can your cosmetic concern be addressed by a lifestyle change? During consultation, I often begin by asking about lifestyle with a focus on healthy habits. Some people find themselves focusing
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Causes of Dark Under Eye Circles And How to Treat Them

Click here for transcript What can I do to treat under eye dark circles?Under dark circles are a fairly common problem that can affect people of all ages.There are several
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