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Month: November 2022

how to fix bad failed hair transplant - improving hair coverage

How Do You Fix a Failed Hair Transplant?

Surgical hair transplants are marketed to be the perfect solution for male pattern hair loss, and in select situations, for female pattern hair loss. Hair transplant surgery is very time
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why facial laser treatment cannot replace surgical facelift

Facial Laser Treatment vs Surgical Facelift: Which is better?

According to advertising messages from device manufacturers and individual medical practices, facelifts can be performed non-surgically using lasers and other heating devices such as high frequency ultrasound. Heat generating or
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Treating different causes of heavy lidded eyes

What Causes Heavy Lidded Eyes and How to Treat Them

The presence of fullness in the upper eyelids can affect both your appearance,and your vision. There are several possible causes of heavy lidded eyes. Solutions to these causes frequently necessitate
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Limitations of finasteride alone - why finasteride is not working

Why is Finasteride Not Working?

Finasteride is the most commonly prescribed medication for the treatment of male pattern hair loss around the world. For male pattern hair loss, I routinely prescribe finasteride, and in some
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How to repair laser damaged skin

How to Repair Laser-Damaged Skin?

Without a doubt, laser technology has had a significant impact in the field of aesthetic medicine. The ability to target specific areas of the skin has made a variety of
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