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Sculptra is not actually a filler, but rather a catalyst that causes the growth of your own tissue (collagen). Because it is only a catalyst for something you already have in your skin, the amount of collagen production and longevity of results will vary from one patient to another. The results from Sculptra®, however, have been noted to last up to two years.

The benefits of Sculptra® include an increase in face volume and thickness of the skin, which can produce a healthier, youthful appearance. This is why the term “liquid facelift” has been used to describe the relatively dramatic results of Sculptra. The polylactic acid in Sculptra® is inert, biologically, so the risk of allergic reactions is eliminated.

Oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Amiya Prasad is prepared to discuss the various injectible options best suited for you, along with the benefits of each procedure.

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