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Month: May 2022

different treatments for wrinkles above lips

What’s the Best Treatment for Wrinkles Above Lips?

The appearance of vertical lines above the lips can make one appear, and feel older than they actually are. My patients will point to these lines and exclaim how much
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what causes a droopy eyel and proper treatments

What Causes a Droopy Eye?

Eyes that look droopy can create the impression that you’re tired,lacking energy, or always sleepy. Droopy eyelids can also affect your vision. I’ll discuss how I evaluate and help people
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under eye fillers gone wrong - dissolving under eye fillers

Under Eye Fillers Gone Wrong. What to Do?

Using cosmetic fillers to treat eye bags and under eye hollowing have grown in popularity over the past several years. Many people are unaware that fillers can be placed by
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risks and expectation from under eye filler treatment

What to Expect After Under Eye Filler?

Every day in my practice, I use fillers under the eyes to address hollowness, camouflage eye bags, and even improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Under eye filler treatment
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