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Author: Amiya Prasad M.D.

factors in treating hair loss due to menopause

How to Treat Hair Loss Due to Menopause

  Menopause can be a challenging time for women. While dealing with changes of the body, and changes in hormone levels, thinning hair, and slowed hair growth add to this
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facial aging procedures for people in their 40s

Considering a Facelift at 40? What You Need to Know It’s common for people who are showing signs of facial aging to believe that lifting their skin will make them look younger. Of course, this perception has led to
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when treatment is needed for uneven eyelids

Uneven Eyes: When Treatment is Needed?

  When first noticed, uneven eyes, and asymmetrical eyelids can be upsetting. However, facial asymmetry is something that everyone has, including celebrities and models who appear to have perfectly symmetrical
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treating concurrent puffiness and hollowness under the eyes

Treating Concurrent Under Eye Puffiness and Hollowness

In our office, we see a lot of people who are concerned about under eye puffiness and hollowness. While they appear to be diametrically opposite situations, they can be concurrent
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cheek implants vs fillers: convenience, results, predictability, and longevity

Cheek Fillers vs Implants: Benefits, Risks & Results

The appearance of cheek bone definition is a highly desirable characteristic of models and actors. Many people desire more defined cheeks, whether their appearance is due to genetics, or bone
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differences of trichostem hair regeneration from other acell + prp treatments

ACell + PRP treatments: How does TrichoStem Hair Regeneration differ?

Having focused on the use of ACell + PRP since 2011, I have an established status as a pioneer in the application of ACell+PRP for the non-surgical treatment of male
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why surgery is generally not advised for under eye wrinkles

Best Treatment for Under Eye Wrinkles: Fillers, Surgery or Laser?

Many people come into my office and demonstrate how pulling the skin under the eyes outward results in smoother skin. “Can you do this doctor?” they inquire.”. With a mirror,
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What is the Best Lower Face Lift Technique to Lift Sagging Jowls?

“What is the best lower face lift technique?” is the type of question that people who perform this type of surgery have been asked for decades. The best technique does
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does finasteride in women work?

Understanding the Benefits and Risks of Finasteride in Women

I sometimes see in my office, the comments section of my YouTube channel, or other social media channels, women being prescribed finasteride for female pattern hair loss. Finasteride is a
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Ptosis correction after past ptosis surgery

Ptosis Correction Surgery – Causes and Treatment

Eyelid ptosis refers to the condition in which the upper eyelids are lower than they should be. Ptosis surgery is performed to elevate the affected eyelid or eyelids. I frequently
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