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Author: Amiya Prasad M.D.

different collagen induction treatment

Collagen Induction Treatment: What It Is, Benefits, and Limits

Collagen Induction Treatment: What It Is, Benefits, and Limits It is well known that healthy skin contains a protein known as collagen. It is widely recognized that collagen in the
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stable Asian double eyelids cant be treated without surgery

Stable Double Eyelids Without Surgery – Why It Won’t Work

Stable Double Eyelids Without Surgery – Why It Won’t Work It is generally recognized that half of Asians, including those of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean origin, are born without an
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laser tattoo removal before and after 5 treatments

Does Tattoo Removal Hurt? How it is Done With Less Pain and Fewer Treatments

Tattoos are quite popular, but many individuals want their tattoos removed. Patients often tell me that they made a hasty decision when they were younger, and are now embarrassed by
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eyelid surgery for darker skin prone to scarring before and after photos

Minimizing Eyelid Surgery Scars in Darker Skin and Keloid-Prone Skin

  People with dark skin, such as those of African, Hispanic, Mediterranean, and Asian origin, are frequently hesitant about having eyelid surgery because of the risk of unwanted scarring such
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What is healing like after a hair transplant?

Hair Transplant Healing: What It’s Like and How to Improve It

  Hair transplant surgery is a pretty extensive operation, as it can take about a full day to perform, and sometimes even more during “megasessions” done over several days. FUT
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treating female pattern hair loss without minoxidil or spironolactone

How to Treat Female Pattern Baldness Without Minoxidil or Spironolactone

Women suffering from female pattern hair loss have had few treatment options, until recently. Men suffering from male pattern hair loss can take the medication finasteride, which is not an
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treating sun damaged skin

How to Choose the Best Sun Damaged Skin Treatments

Sun exposure on your skin can have health benefits such as vitamin D synthesis, which is important for your overall health and especially your immune system. Excessive sun exposure can
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Improving facelift results for the long term

How to Improve Your Facelift Results

A facelift is one of the biggest investments you can make to enhance your appearance. Facelifts are often performed in operating rooms by a team of professionals, in addition to the surgeon
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why permanent and semi-permanent cosmetic fillers are not recommended

Semi-Permanent and Permanent Fillers: What You Need to Know

People frequently seek permanent solutions for issues like facial volume deficiency caused by heredity, or aging. It’s normal to want something that will last, and won’t need to be maintained
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how to avoid lower eyelid retraction

Eyelid Retraction: What It Is, Why It Happens, and How to Avoid It

  Every year, cosmetic eyelid surgery ranks among the top five most commonly performed cosmetic surgeries. Lower eyelid surgery for under eye bags caused by prolapsed orbital fat affects a
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