hair loss on male early 20s

Male age 23 (at time of consultation)

Age of onset of hair loss – 21

This 23-year-old man noticed his thinning hair at his hairline and temples for about two years, but didn’t use established hair loss treatments like finasteride or minoxidil for earlier treatment. At the time of consultation, evaluation, and treatment, he had one Hair Regeneration treatment session, and started on finasteride for the first time.

hair regrowth 12 months after one time hair regeneration treatment
The frontal hairline had noticeably thicker and denser hair coverage, with also healthier hair texture after one Hair Regeneration treatment session.

12 months after the Hair Regeneration treatment, and using finasteride for the first time, the frontal hairline grew thicker, and previously short and fine hairs at the temple grew longer and thicker.

before and 12 months after hair regeneration treatment. Hair growth at the temple is noticeable on the after photo. Male patient right side view
Fine hairs at the temple growing thicker and longer after a single Hair Regeneration treatment, along with first time finasteride use.