hair loss after scalp micropigmentation

Male Pattern Hair Loss Continuing after Scalp Micropigmentation

Age 32 during consultation

27-years-old at initial onset of hair loss

This 32-year-old man had concerns about progressive hair thinning, which was becoming more visible even after previous scalp micropigmentation to camouflage his receding hairline. Scalp micropigmentation is a cosmetic tattoo procedure to simulate hair growth and hide the effects of hair loss. He wanted to gain some hair coverage to make micropigmentation appear more natural.

32-year-old man had scalp micropigmentation look unnatural and obvious
32-year-old man with virtually no natural hair coverage in this patch of his hairline, making his previous scalp micropigmentation look unnatural and obvious.

5 months after the Hair Regeneration injection procedure, a prescription for finasteride was written, and pictures were taken of his results. He was impressed with new and thicker hair growth at the frontal hairline, which he previously thought could not be done, so he went with scalp micropigmentation. Thicker hair growth at the hairline also made his scalp micropigmentation blend better and look more natural

5 months after Hair Regeneration treatment scalp micropigmentation blend better with increased hair coverage
A single treatment session of Hair Regeneration stimulated hair growth and thickened a previously thinning hairline, making scalp micropigmentation blend better with increased hair coverage, and look more natural.