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TV Stars Turn to "The Fine Art of Looking Younger" for Beauty Advice

Television celebrities are turning to New York Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Amiya Prasad’s book “The Fine Art of Looking Younger”, including a Real Housewife and a Gossip guy…

Earlier this week, US Magazine recently photographed Gossip Girl actor Matthew Settle with “The Fine Art of Looking Younger” as well.Matt Settle of Gossip Girl

As reports: “The naturally attractive Matthew was seen reading up on how to look younger while fine dining! On-screen father to Blake Lively in the hit show Gossip Girl, Matthew Settle, 42, and cosmetic surgeon/consultant, Dr. Amiya Prasad, were recently spotted enjoying a meal together at Le Charlot in NYC. Between bites, Matthew was all smiles while reading Dr. Prasad’s book, “The Fine Art of Looking Younger.” What do you think Matthew is laughing about? Possibly the fact that he is 42 years-old and already knows the trick to the “Art of Looking Younger!”

Only a few months ago, Real Housewife Kyle Richards was seen with The Fine Art of Looking Younger, as reports:

reading for beauty advice“Fresh-faced The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards hasn’t resorted to extensive plastic surgery like many Hollywood reality stars and has instead kept her looks the natural way. Richards, 42, revealed one of the secrets to keeping her gorgeous skin when she was photographed reading “The Fine Art of Looking Younger“, by cosmetic surgeon Dr. Amiya Prasad during a recent photo shoot Clearly a fan of his book, Kyle is the perfect example of how a woman her age should be, says Dr Prasad. ‘She looks really great so I wouldn’t recommend a surgical procedure,’ he revealed in an exclusive interview with ‘Just like anyone is their 40s, I’d tell Kyle to use sun block and to protect her skin from the sun, and eat a healthy diet and workout.’…” (Read more)

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