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Month: June 2022

Causes of pillowy face after cosmetic fillers and how to avoid it

What Causes “Pillow Face” from Fillers, and How to Avoid it

Click here for transcript why did my face look like a pillow after cosmetic fillers volume loss is one ofthe first significant signs of facial aging as we age the
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lower blepharoplasty recovery photos day by day

Eye Bag Surgery (Lower Blepharoplasty) Recovery Process

Click here for transcript what is healing like after eye bag surgery puffy eye bags are very common which is why cosmeticsurgery for under eye bags is one of our
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how eye bag treatment is determined with surgery or filler

Can Fillers Help with Under Eye Bags?

Click here for transcript Under eye fillers have become a popular and convenient way to help improve the appearanceof under eye bags.Filler placement under the eyes require no surgery, and
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benefits of PRP facial treatment

What is a PRP Facial and its Benefits?

  What is PRP Facial Treatment? Platelet-rich plasma is a concentration of wound healing and growth factors found in your blood and used naturally by the body for healing, like
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treatments for wrinkles around and under eyes

Under Eye Wrinkle Treatment Options

Click here for transcript Wrinkles under and around the eyes inspire people to spend a lot of money on solutionsfrom miracle creams to medically based procedures.The specific reasons for different
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